Justin Z., a passionate surfer who has fallen in love with the sport since he learned surfing several years ago is an accomplished male model. He has worked with top brands like Ralph Lauren and GQ and has shot with one of the most famous photographers in the world, Bruce Weber, of Abercrombie & Fitch fame.

Justin definitely has the looks and appeal of a model that brands would love to associate themselves with, but there is one career move that Justin is doing today that is helping him build a brand of his own. Under the instruction of Michael Anthony Downs, founder of AAG, through the MAD Visual Arts Academy, Justin is learning how to shoot the AAG-way!

His recent work was with new AAG model Josh Banks which you can see here. Justin is leveraging his modeling attainments and using the experience and skill he has from being in front of the lens, to accomplishing more in the industry behind the scenes.

Justin Z. is a star male model moving to photography and building a name for himself along the way.

Be inspired today by joining AAG to see more of Justin’s videos, images and exclusive video and photography work for AAG.

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