Lots of exclusive high resolution photos and super sexy HD video footage of Jim can be found right now in the MEMBERS AREA of the All American Guys website. But feel free to read about Jim in this exclusive interview below.

Interview by Caleb Galaraga

Jim Weir is an up-and-coming male model from Dekalb, IL. He is currently finishing his Master’s in Clinical Exercise Psychology. The very first photographer who took Jim’s photos suggested that he post some of them on All American Guys and 48-hours later Jim was on his way to becoming an AAG model!

All American Guys caught up with Jim to learn more about the model featured in the amazing images from photographer Michael Anthony Downs!

AAG: Jim, tell us a few things about you. Anything.

JIM: I was born in Orlando, Florida but I only lived there for a couple years, unfortunately, because my father got a job offer in Illinois. So we moved there to a very small farm town called Oregon. It’s where I lived most of my life. I went to school in Oregon until I graduated from high school and then moved to Dekalb, IL (another small town) for college. I am currently a senior here working towards a Master’s in Clinical Exercise Physiology. I plan to go to grad school in the suburbs or possibly the city. I am a pretty chill guy and am up for anything really. I love to go out and have fun of course, try out new things, and just be spontaneous. I am also definitely committed to the world of fitness. It is one of my strongest passions…addictions!

AAG: Have you always been a health buff? If so, how did you end up as one?

JIM: Hahaha! Nope, I definitely was not always a health buff. I was actually a skinny little boy in junior high. I believe I was a hundred pound skin and bones little shrimp in 7th grade. Also, my first job was at McDonald’s and I gained some unwanted weight after only two weeks of working there. Once I realized I was gaining weight, I ran three miles everyday until it was off. Then I got picked on a lot in high school, so my brother told me that I needed to start lifting for football so I could defend myself when I got picked on. My dad bought some weights and he started helping me lift in our basement. He measured my arms once every two weeks to see the progress! I didn’t take it seriously during my freshman year but then started getting really serious the year after and my strength and size skyrocketed.

AAG: Share with us your first time in the gym. How did it feel being surrounded by all the muscle guys and the big weights?

JIM: Hmmm…my first time in an actual gym, well, I was nervous. I didn’t know how much other people were lifting. I was self-conscious about my body, but I had a couple close friends that I lifted with who helped me out and made me feel more secure. After that things got rolling and I realized I was stronger than most of the kids in the gym.

AAG: Did you have people around you who inspired you to be active and stay fit? What were some of the things that kept you active and in shape?

JIM: Yeah, I had my brother who was in great shape and I thought to myself that I want to be his size when I graduate high school. Plus I had football and wrestling at the beginning of high school and then pole vaulting and track the last two years of high school. Also, when I started getting serious about lifting, it became an addiction. I had to go to the gym…I just loved it.

AAG: What were your initial goals when you started training? How did you accomplish them?

JIM: At the beginning, I just wanted to be bigger and be able to protect myself and also be more secure about my body – to simply look better. I believe I accomplished that to a certain point. My whole family was surprised and said I surpassed what they thought was possible with my size and especially my strength. More importantly, my brother couldn’t believe how big I was! However, I’m always trying to build a better body, I do think that I have a lot more room for improvement still.

AAG: What can you advise someone who has never attempted to live a fit life but has the desire to begin a healthy lifestyle?

JIM: I would suggest one of the biggest things is to clean up your diet. Make sure you are eating healthy food because that is so much of how your body looks. You have to eat healthy. Then just start going to the gym three days a week. Try out all the machines to see how they work for a few weeks. Then start getting a program of lifts put together. Do some research on simple ones and complex ones and mix it up. Be very careful with your form and when your body is getting used to it more. Then get to lifting and creating that dream body you have always wanted. But don’t strain yourself by lifting heavy at the beginning. Get your technique perfected first.


AAG: How did you hear about All American Guys (AAG)?

JIM: It was from my first photographer that took shots of me. He told me to put some of the photos on the site and see what would happen. After only two days I got a call from AAG on the way to my work!

AAG: Have you tried modeling before AAG? If so, where?

JIM: I have done a couple shoots with a few photographers and I did a book cover for a romance novel out this spring called While He Was Away.

AAG: When did you take your first professional photos? And what did you think of them when they came out?

JIM: I took my first photos with Alan Spiers, I believe about a year and a half ago. The photographer said they looked amazing and that brought my spirits up. Then I saw them and thought damn…I like these pics! Hahaha.

AAG: Do you want to become a professional male fitness model? If yes, what steps are you taking to get there?

JIM: I would love to become a big star model. I’m just blessed with what I have going on right now and I’m definitely along for the ride to see where this goes. And well I’m hoping that my being with AAG will get things rolling and I’ll get my face out there for more big things to com.

AAG: Share with us your AAG experience. How was it working with Mike Downs and the crew?

JIM: Being in Miami was definitely insane and I loved the experience. It was a whole new culture there. Working with Mike Downs was a very fun time. He has a spunky and chill attitude, which I like! He certainly gets you comfortable to work with. All the destinations of the shoot were diverse and pretty cool. I’m shooting with him again soon and I know it will be a great time all over again.

AAG: A year from now, where will Jim Weir the male model be?

JIM: I’m hoping to be traveling more for more modeling jobs, that’s for sure! Hahaha. I’ll still be in school so I’ll be in classes. I know that’s certain, but along with school, I’m hoping to make this [modeling] a good job as well.

AAG: Where can AAG readers find more of you?

JIM: Well, you can see more of me (including exclusive videos and photos) in the MEMBERS AREA of All American Guys.

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