Nick Cooper loves to be the center of attention…and he’ll get yours!

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Nick considers himself a very outgoing guy and loves to be the center of attention.  He’s a college student with a high GPA, pursuing a bachelors and hopes to become a physical therapist some day or perhaps work with animals.

When not hitting the books hard, he can be found partying (he loves to dance), hanging out at the beach or pumping iron in the gym.  Nick works out 5 days a week and has been adding quite a bit of muscle as of lately.  He claims to eat whatever he wants (including junk food), and it somehow doesn’t affect his six pack and physique.  Nick also doesn’t consume alcohol, even when he’s at wild crazy parties… it’s just one of the things he is proud of.

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Derron – former Army man and current sexy man

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Derron McLaury comes to us from the state of Michigan.  He’s a former U.S Army guy and currently part time model and personal trainer.  Check out Derron’s AAG debut. There’s more to come.

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Nick Gosling has a natural love of the beach.

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Nick Gosling is from the state of Florida.  Thus he has a natural love for the beach and most things beach related, especially skimming and surfing.  He is currently enrolled in college and hopes to graduate with a degree in business.  However, Nick has also taken a liking to the world of entertainment. He is exploring the possibility of forming a local rock group, as he plays the drums and guitar real well.  He’s also not a bad singer and is honing his skills there as well.

Modeling is a new and intriguing venture for Nick. At first he was initially reluctant to getting into modeling, but after seeing his test photos he caught the ‘modeling bug’.  And the rest, as they say….

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Whether he’s boating or working out, Taylor R is looking good.

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Taylor comes to us from the state of North Carolina.  He’s a part time model and small business owner who enjoys interacting with people.  He also enjoys doing charitable work and working with the disable.  For fun Taylor enjoys outdoor activities, boating and also working out.

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From BMX to modeling, Will Grant gives it his all!

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Will Grant was discovered in the Spring of 2012 and jumped right into the modeling industry. He was an instant success from the get-go.  Will has graced the covers and pages of magazines, catalogs and news articles and he’s been getting lots of publicity and consistent work in the fitness and commercial modeling industries.

Will was born in Seattle, Washington but soon after migrated to Florida. At an early age he took up the sport of BMX, landing his first world championship by the age of 13.  He also racked up championships on the regional and national level– winning the U.S BMX championship and also becoming a Florida state champ twice.

When not training in the gym or on the bike track, you can catch Will lifting weights, hanging out on the beach and living it up with his friends. He is very much a happy-go-lucky kinda guy and enjoys the challenges life throws at him.

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Cameron Jack is not shy about showing off his physique!

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Cameron comes to us from the state of Illinois. He’s a personal trainer and part time model, and is looking to major in health science when he attends college.  Cameron enjoys traveling and outdoor sports.  He regularly lifts weights and runs to keep in shape.  Although he has a quiet and reserved demeanor, he’s certainly not shy about showing off his physique.  To see more of Cameron go to:

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Josh Banks is one hot man!

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Josh is a full time college student and is just getting into modeling.  His hobbies are working out, hanging out at the beach and doing night club promotions.  Josh also enjoys all the attention he gets from girls when he goes out on weekends.  He describes himself as quite the ladies man.

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He strives for perfection…and he’s got it…Tim!

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Tim comes to us from Indiana, and he’s a good friend of fellow AAG model Chase B.  Tim is a student at Indiana State University and is a member of SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON. He’s majoring in marketing and minoring business administration. In the past years he’s competed in several amateur bodybuilding shows, winning his first one in 2009, and subsequently also winning the title of Mr. ISU. He’s an ambitious overachiever and always strives for perfection.

While he tends to be reserved and shy, Tim is really pushing hard to break into fitness and physique modeling.  He also hopes to get into acting once he gets comfortable in front of the cameras.

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Joseph Pride – Bodybuilding is one of his favorite hobbies.

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Born and raised in Boston, MA, Joseph is the youngest of three siblings. He enjoys being independent, traveling and doing adventurous things.

Bodybuilding is also one of Joseph’s favorite hobbies. He began lifting weights in his early teens and has slowly but surely managed to achieve a level of physical perfection that many bodybuilders only wish they could attain.

Joseph has competed at the regional and national level in NPC sanctioned shows, and plans to increase his exposure at more of these shows in the future.

Other hobbies of Joseph include bowling, golfing and fishing. He also enjoys hard manual labor and outdoor type work. Rarely will you catch this hunk behind an office desk.

Joseph is a college graduate in construction management and plans to pursue his career in that field.

He has also decided to take a stab at fitness modeling and the entertainment industry. Especially since there is a lot of travel involved…and that being one of his favorite hobbies, well you get the picture.

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He likes working out and fixing cars – He’s Patrick

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Since winning the 2003 Super Body Teen championship, Patrick has been laying low. He hopes to also travel to Aruba in 2004 for the $10,000 International Male Model competition.

Patrick decided to put on some weight recently and plans to trim down before his next photo shoot or competition. Off season, he’s weighing in at around 190 lbs.

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