Live Facebook Photo Shoot

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Before we get into the details of this post, please notice the little “Facebook Share” button up top. Go ahead, click it and share AAG with your facebook friends. It’s easy. And speaking of Facebook, we’re doing something novel here today as we gear up for our July 31 photo shoot with newcomer William. If you are a facebook fan, please visit this link: All American Guys FaceBook Fan Page.

Starting around 5:30pm EDT today we’re going to give you LIVE updates directly from the photo shoot via cellular. We’re going to post candid photos taken during the shoot, and we’re going to also take requests from our fans for the shoot. So if you’d like to have us take a special photo with William for you, just say the word.

Can we count on you to be online at that time? We hope so. In case you are wondering who William is, here is a photo below.

Photo by Norcal Bodz:

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