All American Guy 2015 Contest Home Stretch

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So we are in the home stretch for the All American Guy of the Year 2015 contest. Who will be the winner? Your vote decides. We make the official announcement on January 13, 2016 at 12pm (noon) EDT. There are two polls taking place; one in the public access section of the AAG website and the other in the members-only section of the site. Each poll accounts for 50% of the total vote.

Visit Contest Page

To vote in the contest, Please visit this link.

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The Classic Jadsen

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Jadsen is one of the classic AAG models, who’s been around since late 2009 with the project.  Jadsen capitalized on his AAG exposure soon after his debut, landing a campaign for HIMistry’s skin care line (Macy’s), a fashion show and a number of magazine covers and spreads.  Check out Jadsen’s extensive portfolio of photos and videos in the Members Area.

Jadsen’s AAG photo shoots have taken place all over the USA, including productions in New York, Miami, LA and Puerto Rico.


Check out Jadsen’s extensive portfolio of photos and videos in the Members Area.



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Justin B. is Hotter than Ever

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Justin B. joined the AAG team a few years back and ever since has been wowing the fans.  He’s an IFBB Pro fitness athlete and models part time while in college.  Never one to skip a workout, he has diligently sculpted his physique since he was in his late teens.  Justin loves to mix it up in front of the cameras, going from athletic and fun to sexy and playful.  He’s certainly not shy about his presentation.

Check Justin out in the Members Area to see dozens of photos and videos from his shoots with AAG throughout the years.

Join the Members Area to see more of Justin.

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Martin Goes to Puerto Rico

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When Martin had the chance to travel to Puerto Rico for an All American Guy shoot, he was beyond ecstatic. Not only would he be running around on the exotic beaches of the tropical island, but he’d get a chance to visit some of his cousins and other relatives— Martin’s heritage is Puerto Rican.

After a first day of shooting— mostly in the El Yunque rainforest, where the climate was cool and the surroundings very green and exotic, he spent that evening taking in the sights and sounds and savoring the flavors of old town San Juan. The following day found him on the east coast of the island, soaking up the sun, frolicking in the ocean and mixing with the locals— all while posing for some amazing photos for his AAG production. There was also plenty of time for a visit to his cousins and a chance to eat some home-cooked authentic Puerto Rican dishes.

Join the Members Area and follow Martin during his weekend island trip. There’s plenty of photos and multimedia, including stylized videos and behind the scenes footage. Martin is hoping for a return to the enchanted island and perhaps visit some spots he didn’t get to see during his first trip.

JOIN THE MEMBERS AREA to see more of Martin


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Fitness Model with Cooking Skills

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Derek P. hails from the Midwest and is currently studying exercise science in college. He got into fitness while in 8th grade, training for sports and has developed a lifelong passion for lifting weights ever since. He enjoys seeing the results he gets from training his physique and wants to capitalize on all his hard work in the gym.

His first experience modeling was when he shot for his school calendar. From there it was getting behind the lens with Michael Downs for AAG.

One of his favorite hobbies aside from lifting weights is cooking. At an early age his dad’s best friend (who is a chef) got him into the culinary arts. He now applies his cooking skills to making fit and delicious meals that complement his rigorous gym lifestyle.  Derek will soon be part of the upcoming “Fit & Sexy” feature on AAG where you’ll really get to see him put his skills to work.

For his AAG shoots Derek has not been shy one bit about showing off his impressive physique. Join the Members section to see him at his physical best and sexiest. Also be sure to check out his recent cover for British author Jane Harvey-Berrick’s latest romance novel “Semper Fi”.

JOIN the Members Area for More of Derek



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