Male Models Online and 1st Major Fitness Model Search

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Share This !, the leading website showcasing America’s sexiest male fitness models partners with, to discover the industry’s next male fitness supermodel.

More than a $1,000 in cash and prizes awaits the winner in this new contest that runs thru May 30. The grand prize includes an all-expenses paid trip to South Beach in Miami, FL to shoot with world-renowned fitness photographer, Michael Anthony Downs. Winner will get an exclusive feature at All American Guys, which has launched the careers of numerous fitness models, with guaranteed global exposure of the winner’s images and profile.

Aspiring male models can continue submitting their application by creating an account at

NOTE: Miami-Dade and Broward County residents and current All American Guys models are not eligible to participate in the fitness model search.

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Simply Taylor!

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Taylor is the type of guy who knows how to have fun and he proved it in one of his videos by literally streaking naked at a fence, a few feet away from a major Florida highway! Call it brave or eccentric, it’s up to you, but it sure is a bold way to express yourself. After saying “you’ll never see me streaked like that again,” he followed it up with another streaking naked episode at a nearby hill! Taylor’s sheer courage is unmatched!

But don’t let his laid-back and goofy attitude fool you, because Taylor is the type of guy who not only plays hard, but works hard. He’s a monster at the gym and was actually preparing for his first fitness competition when we worked with him. Not only that, he also booked a really cool gig with Undergear, where he appeared for their Spring/Summer 2012 Catalog last year.

So if you want to have some fun…make sure you check out our work with Taylor here…today!

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AAG Classic: Patrick

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Classic is a term for something timeless and the image above of Patrick is not only a classic one, but could also well be considered most-seen image of a fitness model. It has been everywhere from postcards and magazine covers, to blogs and online magazine sites and we won’t be surprised if it will pop-up at one of the specialized Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest covering the male model niche.

The recognition that this image has received is well deserved, because Patrick is not only a man with a great physique and a handsome face, but a determined character as well. Like many fitness models, he takes competitions seriously and goes from good to great when it’s time for a shoot or when preparing for a contest.

As one of our original discoveries, Patrick is an AAG Classic model to behold and recognize. See our work with him inside our member’s site today.

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Shawn R and His New Dream Role in the World of Fitness and Entertainment

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Since we’ve worked with Shawn R, he has been everywhere. Not only has he landed a magazine cover in DNA, but he has also appeared as a cover model of fitness magazine, Exercise for Men Only. He has also been on a number of soaps and movies and is eligible for membership at the prestigious Screen Actors Guild, the official union for some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities.

His initial goal of expanding into acting has been achieved and now the AAG model is ready and able to take on bigger roles and take his acting career to the next level!

Of course, we have records of some of Shawn’s best work to date as a male fitness model and you can check it out at our membership site today!

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Tyler Lough, Majoring In Awesomeness

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When we first worked with Tyler, he was a college student majoring in business and marketing and aspires to be successful not only in his new found modeling career and in creating a strong male model’s portfolio, but he also wants to succeed in building a strong foundation of wealth. Tyler is a determined, practical guy with great leadership qualities and he’s applying the discipline he gained from going to the gym to build his body to excel in other areas of his life.

It’s due to this mindset and character that made us conclude that what Tyler is really majoring in is awesomeness! A man with a very handsome face, a great body and a an appeal towards the camera that’s capable of gracing huge campaigns, Tyler Lough’s “awesomeness” IQ is simply on the rise!

See all our work with Tyler by joining AAG today!

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The Return of Anthony M on AAG!

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He’s back and he’s looking better than ever! Anthony M’s very first professional photo shoot was with AAG and a few years after, he has returned to update his official profile on the site and to share his plans for the future.

Anthony is now only a few months shy of earning his sports science degree and he plans to move to Miami, FL to pursue more modeling work and establish himself as a fitness expert after graduation.

The 6’, 200 lbs fitness model is sure to wow you with his images and videos, so check them out on AAG today!

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Austin C, Our Charming Discovery from the State of Tennessee

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Southern boys never fail to charm and our newest male model Austin C. stays true to form. The college student, bodybuilder and fitness model was discovered at the gym and through his debut with AAG, he hopes to begin his journey in the world of modeling. He dreams of building a name for himself in the fitness and modeling world and take advantage of whatever opportunities the industry could throw his way.

Young, energetic, charming and focused, Austin C is a young man with great potential! Check out our work with Austin here on AAG today!

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Victor Cruz Delivers a Knock Out Impression

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Victor’s eyes will grab you in an instant. The amateur boxer looks like Kellan Lutz and they both share the appeal that has made both of them intensely attractive. Possessing a fair 5’9” built, Victor is 176 pounds muscle and has a strength that endures the toughest of challenges.

As a male model, Victor brought his a-game and performance level self when it comes to his shoot with AAG. His amazing knock out performance gives you an inspiring glimpse at his fantastic physique, beautiful face and phenomenal personality.

Check out Victor’s AAG profile and you’ll understand why we say you’ll get a knock out impression of him!

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New AAG Model: JC Salter, Iowa’s Rising Fitness Star!

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JC was a four-sport athlete at Ottumwa, the Southern Iowa city where he grew up and currently lives. He has always loved sports, but as a high-school student didn’t care what he ate. “I had no knowledge of nutrition,” he said. That changed when he started to take bodybuilding more seriously.

After high-school, JC began playing baseball for his college’s team, but felt that his collegiate sports career was becoming more of a job. His attention and passion was slowly shifting to something he had to do as a part of his baseball team training – working out and hitting the gym regularly.

It was this newfound interest on bodybuilding that led him to develop the physique he possesses today.

AAG’s work with JC is from his very first professional shoot, giving you a first look on an up and coming fitness star!

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The Breathtaking Honorary All American Guy – Sami

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Sami comes to us from Finland but now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada to pursue a career as an entertainer. He maybe an import from another country but Sami embodies the qualities of a true All American Guys male model.

At 6 foot and 200 lbs of muscle, the new U.S. resident is endowed with an incredible appeal and body that is a perfect reference for a Greek god sculpture. Not only is he amazingly fit but he has a personality that’s easy to work with, making him a muse of choice for many of the fitness industry’s best photographers.

Check out the amazing work we have with Sami, including a sexy video you wouldn’t want to miss seeing.

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