Fitness model Andrew O. on his way to the pros!

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Andrew O has already won two of the three NPC shows he’s competed in and is working out to further sculpt his already top-notch physique, determined to clinch the pro title soon! As a disciplined and determined individual, the 6’1” 195 lbs. Florida-based bodybuilder has his eyes on the prize and is putting in 101% of himself to achieve his goal.

Andrew shares some of his contest-winning poses and gym workouts, plus inspiring and classic bodybuilding images on his AAG profile! Join today and see it for yourself.

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Nick Cooper’s Fine Points: Prolific, admirable, smart and simply hot

March 28, 2013 by  
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Nick Cooper is one of our most viewed fitness models on AAG. He’s prolific, admirable, smart and simply hot. With an active AAG profile, a great body, an above average intelligence…he completes the checklist of a great All American Guy.

Our collection of images and videos of Nick Cooper is as versatile as the man himself. He has a 13-set workout video series that can ready for you the summer and sizzling heatseeker videos that will definitely leave a lasting impression of how amazing Nick is as a model. It’s all there.

Join us today at AAG and discover the fine points of Nick C that everyone has been talking about.

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Eight pack with a side of sincerity, getting to know Tory Parker

March 27, 2013 by  
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“I love to walk around naked and have as little clothes as possible,” says Tory. Your initial impression of the 5’11” hunk with rock-hard eight-pack abs is that he’s cocky. But just talk to him for five minutes and you’ll realize that the guy has something many of us do not – sheer sincerity.

Ambitious, determined and focus, Tory knows what he wants and he values three very important things in life. He says that proper management of his money and health, and his sobriety is all essential to him. As someone who didn’t always look hot and used to be skinny, Tory applies tremendous discipline in his physique, working out two hours every weekday and spending weekend sessions doing circuit training.

He has began fitness modeling part-time and has already shot with some great photographers and has been to New York at least once to shoot for a magazine.

Our videos and images of Tory will allow you to get to know him more, giving you more than five minutes of great inspiration and motivation. See it all today by joining AAG.

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Petr, the gentle strongman and bodybuilding champion

March 26, 2013 by  
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Petr’s muscles are bulging like crazy. You can see it in his veins and he’s at his best shape. Although Petr has always strive to be at his best, today is a very special day. He was doing a competition when we shot him in Miami and was very determined to take a win.

In fact, he has only been in America nine months prior and has already won two bodybuilding competitions. As another honorary All American guy, Petr has a shredded physique and an attitude on life that is simply inspiring. He came to America to take his career to the next level, expand his horizons and make a name for himself in the bodybuilding circuit and fitness world as a whole.

In less than a year, adding to his two championships, he has already worked with some of the best photographers in the business and has a burgeoning personal training practice. And of course, he has been drafted to the country’s best site that determines the best fitness models there is.

He maybe a strongman competitor and one of Europe’s best bodybuilders, but Petr has a gentle heart with a fantastic character that will surely help him make it in America! Join AAG today to see more of Petr!

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The breathtaking (amongst many other positive things), Rafael

March 25, 2013 by  
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Rafael could easily pass as a work of art, but he’s real, alive and breathing. We have simply exhausted our list of positive words to describe him. Breathtaking, amazing, gorgeous, sexy, attractive, beautiful and perfect, our inventory of positive adjectives seems not enough.

As a former commercial male model in his teens, Rafael is trekking his way back into the world of modeling with the complete package – perfectly sculpted abs, bulging biceps and an overall physique and face that makes him stand out.

He brings a diversity to All American guys that is not only much welcomed, but also very much admired.

See some of Rafael’s finest images inside the AAG member’s area where you can see some of his sexiest videos to date and special behind the scenes of his photo shoots.

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Jeremy Y: Artistic and modest but willing to show-off!

March 23, 2013 by  
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He’s not exactly shy and definitely not cocky, but Jeremy is modest. He also loves the things that he do and puts 100% of his heart into whatever he’s doing. He’s determined, focused and knows what he wants and as Jeremy shares with us, “I strive to be the best in everything I do.”

Jeremy loves to paint and play the guitar to create music and as an artist himself, he possesses an open-mind. His goal in modeling, which he enjoys because of its creative side, is to produce the best image and that’s what Jeremy delivers in shoots, creating outstanding pictures and amazing videos for AAG.

His collection of heatseeker videos will make your jaws drop because Jeremy knows how to work with. He’s able to create chemistry with the camera, making the final product sexy, classy and highly attractive.

To see more of Jeremy today, make sure you join AAG now!

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Zach D, the Texan charmer who can fly high (literally!)

March 22, 2013 by  
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Acrobatic flying? That’s when a pilot becomes a stuntman. They can spin the plane, jump out of it and simply do whatever they want while on the air. It’s for the bold and daring and Zach D, an All American Guy from the state of Texas can both charm you with his amazing body and face and can also (literally) fly high.

He was initially discovered at his local gym and having the great face and body he possessed, it wasn’t too long that his contacts led him to New York to book photo shoots and eventually to our hallowed grounds in AAG’s Tampa, FL home base. He considers his shoot with AAG one of his favorites and there’s no shortage of classic and fantastic images of Zach in our vault.

Do yourself a favor and unlock it for yourself by getting a membership with us today.

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New Season, New AAG Model: Introducing MC

March 21, 2013 by  
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Looking at MC now, it’s hard to imagine him as the shy and skinny guy he once was when we first met him. It was through his friend and AAG model, Ray, that we met MC and back then he was in his “party phase” where he gave up the gym and the athletic life he once had for partying.

It wasn’t too long after meeting AAG and getting inspired by Ray that he took the road less traveled, back to the healthy lifestyle – overhauling his diet and hitting the gym. He had a very clear goal and was determined to reach it.

It didn’t take too long for MC to get to the physique he is in now. A solid 5’10”, 170 lbs of muscle, ripped and ready to shoot Michael C is ready to show off the result of his hard work and dedication here on AAG.

As our newest model, MC is evidence that even if you get sidetracked in your fitness goals, there’s always a way back.

Be inspired by MC’s videos and photos by joining AAG today.

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From Good to Great: Josh Ohl keeps looking better and better

March 20, 2013 by  
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He debuted on AAG in Spring 2003, marking this spring his 10th year on the site. And boy what an amazing decade it is to see 6” fitness hunk Josh Ohl go from a collegiate jock to an all-around fitness stud. The man only keeps looking better and better and there’s no stopping him from going good to great, as a male model and an individual.

His most recent work for us features Josh versatility and the authentic masculine beauty he seems to naturally possess. In any setting and on any form, Josh delivers and there’s no greater proof of how awesome he is as a person and fitness model than our hundreds of videos and images featuring Josh.

It’s high time for you to see more of him today! Join AAG and see a decade’s worth of this AAG classic male model.

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Certified heartthrob and head turner, Corey Cann

March 19, 2013 by  
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He’s 6’1” and when he’s not smiling can seem like an intimidating fashion model. But Corey Cann is actually a down-to-earth, funny and cool guy. He loves handstands and hat tricks and has a well-balanced approach to life. He knows when to take things seriously and when to be carefree.

Corey has that sexy boy-next-door kind of look, it’s effortless for him to look good. As soon as the camera strikes his face, Corey can go from goofy to high-fashion blue steel, when it comes to his projection. The newbie model, who just started modeling a year ago, has already caught the attention of some movers and shakers in fitness, fashion and entertainment. His great personality, amazing physical qualities and sheer determination are some of the traits why we can say, Corey Cann will go places.

There’s a lot more to Corey Cann that meets the eye and you can see it in his videos which you can find today when you join AAG.

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