He strives for perfection…and he’s got it…Tim!

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Tim comes to us from Indiana, and he’s a good friend of fellow AAG model Chase B.  Tim is a student at Indiana State University and is a member of SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON. He’s majoring in marketing and minoring business administration. In the past years he’s competed in several amateur bodybuilding shows, winning his first one in 2009, and subsequently also winning the title of Mr. ISU. He’s an ambitious overachiever and always strives for perfection.

While he tends to be reserved and shy, Tim is really pushing hard to break into fitness and physique modeling.  He also hopes to get into acting once he gets comfortable in front of the cameras.

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Joseph Pride – Bodybuilding is one of his favorite hobbies.

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Born and raised in Boston, MA, Joseph is the youngest of three siblings. He enjoys being independent, traveling and doing adventurous things.

Bodybuilding is also one of Joseph’s favorite hobbies. He began lifting weights in his early teens and has slowly but surely managed to achieve a level of physical perfection that many bodybuilders only wish they could attain.

Joseph has competed at the regional and national level in NPC sanctioned shows, and plans to increase his exposure at more of these shows in the future.

Other hobbies of Joseph include bowling, golfing and fishing. He also enjoys hard manual labor and outdoor type work. Rarely will you catch this hunk behind an office desk.

Joseph is a college graduate in construction management and plans to pursue his career in that field.

He has also decided to take a stab at fitness modeling and the entertainment industry. Especially since there is a lot of travel involved…and that being one of his favorite hobbies, well you get the picture.

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He likes working out and fixing cars – He’s Patrick

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Since winning the 2003 Super Body Teen championship, Patrick has been laying low. He hopes to also travel to Aruba in 2004 for the $10,000 International Male Model competition.

Patrick decided to put on some weight recently and plans to trim down before his next photo shoot or competition. Off season, he’s weighing in at around 190 lbs.

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Wrestle up a good time with Hunter

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Hunter is a college student and amateur wrestler from the state of Florida.  Although he appears shy on the outside, he’s actually quite outgoing and personable.  He is Mr. popular in his circles and was named Homecoming King just a year ago out of high school.

Although wrestling is his main sport (he is team captain of his club), Hunter also enjoys other sports and activities including football and mixed martial arts.  His hobbies include going to the beach, hanging out with friends and meeting girls.

Hunter was approached by an AAG scout a few months ago, but only decided recently that he wanted to give modeling a try.   He’s looking to take his new interest as far as it can take him.

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Abs-solutely hot – Tyler Lough

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Tyler describes himself as an ambitious and goal oriented kinda guy.  He enjoys working out, staying fit and healthy and enjoying life to its fullest.

He’s a college student majoring in business marketing and hopes to one day make a lot of money via the stock market.  So the pursuit of wealth is definately on his agenda. Nothing wrong with that.

Tyler played college basketball for 2 years during school and enjoyed it very much, especially the trips he was able to go on with the team.  But he also likes football and armwrestling (left handed).  A pretty well rounded athletic guy it seems.

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Spending 5 to 6 six days a week in the gym shows on Jeff Grant

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Jeff is becoming a well-known commodity these days.  He’s been published a half a dozen times in major national fitness magazines, including Muscle & Fitness and Men’s Exercise.  He’s a personal trainer, part time model and also enjoys taking on new challenges in life.

Prior to getting involved in modeling, Jeff was featured on a reality TV show for the WB network (Big Man on Campus).  This is where he got his start to being in front of the cameras.  Jeff says he spends five to six days a week in the gym conditioning and working out his body.  We can see why he has the results he does.

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Evan P – bodybuilder contest winner and ambitious college student

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“While you’re busy trying to fit in, I’m gonna stand out”, says Evan P, AAG’s latest model from the state of Ohio.  He is quite the gregarious and fun loving guy, with lots of energy and charisma in front of the camera.  Evan is a former Mr. Teen Universe champion and has also won the teen division of the Musclemania bodybuilding show.

Aside from sports, Evan also enjoys music (rap, hip hop and country). He is an ambitious college student and newcomer to the world of modeling.  Watch for his star to rise on AAG.

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Avid sports fan, and a sexy guy – Evan Downs

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Evan Downs is from the state of Oregon. He’s an avid sports fan and played football and basketballl in high school.  Evan is currently attending college, however is undecided on his major. He choose to take a stab at modeling to see where it lands him.  He’s somewhat shy and reserved but promises to work on getting more confident in front of the cameras.  This is Evan’s first ever photo shoot, so look for more of him on All American Guys.

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Awesome abs and cocky too – Tory Parker

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Tory comes to us from the state of Florida.  He’s an ambitious, outgoing, funny and confident man. He admits he’s made his share of mistakes and bad decisions in life, but he plans on achieving his goals and being the best he can be.  Tory is in college and is pursuing fitness modeling on the side.

When he’s not at the gym working on his eight-pack, you can find him playing volley ball, bowling, spending time with friends or playing with his cats.  Tory considers himself “cocky”, but cautions not to be put off by it.  Get to know him a little and you’ll realize he’s just a great fellow to be around.

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Hang out at the beach with Anthony M.

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Anthony is a college student majoring in kinesiology and comes to us from the state of Rhode Island. He is also a mixed martial arts enthusiast and part time model. Anthony enjoys  working out and anything involving fitness.  He’s also big on wake boarding, snow boarding and surfing.

He’s a bit shy but given the right circumstances can really “come out of his shell”, so to speak.  His July 2010 debut photos are his first ever professional photos taken.

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