Ian Daviau – model, personal trainer, and all man!

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“My name is Ian Daviau, and I’m a signed fitness model, personal trainer, fitness consultant and life coach.  I am  originally from Massachusetts but now living in Fort Lauderdale FL.

I have been working on building my body for 12 years. My aspirations include motivating others as well as inspiring the true benefit  in keeping your body healthy to ensure permanent long term health.

Spending time with my amazing son, my family and friends are just a few of my hobbies.  I kind of fell into the modeling industry by accident as I experimented at a gym photo shoot for fun which trickled into a domino affect. Now having collaborated with professional photographers and videographers from NYC to Puerto Rico I am full fledged in the industry and signed with a few agencies.

My future ambitions include continuing to build a solid foundation as I push for mainstream success, while having an award winning support system from friends, family and acquaintances from around the world.”

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The total package – Cody Keen

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Cody is the total package: ambitious, smart, uber healthy and a fit attractive guy.   What’s not to like about this pre-med student who models part time.  In his spare time he likes to work out and write — he’s currently writing a sci-fi novel.  He’s also big into college football, boxing and soccer.  When not being active he likes to watch movies from his Dad’s collection of several thousand films.

Cody is gregarious and funny and loves to work the camera.  Watch for more of him on AAG in the future.


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Bodybuilder and Fitness model – Brandon M is a complete package

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Brandon is a recent Allamerican Guys (AAG) discovery and is also a  competitive bodybuilder and fitness model from Los Angeles, CA.  We’ve created a special portfolio for him which includes tear-sheet photos.

Brandon’s profile will be updated in the near future as he has plans for an exclusive AAG photo shoot. The company recently cast him in an upcoming MTV series.

To see more of Brandon, go to:

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This is what we’re talking about! Phil Fusco is HOT!

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He’s been on several magazine covers and in workout spreads, in underwear ad campaigns, on TV and is one of the most well known models online.  We’re talking about the one and only Phil Fusco.

Phil was initially presented to All American Guys many years ago when he was barely 18, however he wasn’t quite ready for prime time.  Fast forward several years and the New York native has come a long way and has made his mark in the world of fitness and fashion model.

Watch for more of Phil on All American Guys.

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A sexy wise-guy…that’s Matt S

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He is handsome, sexy, built, cocky and self-assured. This is Matt S., a college freshman in Florida. He is the model featured in the Multimedia clip set # 2 wrestling with Josh.

Yep, he’s yet another College Muscle guy who is into wrestling. We really don’t go looking for wrestlers…really! It must be a trend with college kids these days. 🙂

Aside from wrestling, Matt enjoys working out, learning the books in school, and hanging out with his buddies.

Matt’s personality opens up on camera. He’s the complete opposite of a shy guy (i.e. Andrew), and will be featured extensively in future updates, showing off even more of his spontaneous and “wise-guy” attitude.

Matt says he is most proud of his biceps, in terms of body development. They respond the quickest and best from work outs. He’s also got strong abs, and triceps.

So, you think you can take on this guy? Check out his photos and multimedia video clips.

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Wrestle up a good time with Clayton

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Clayton is a part time model, college student and enjoys being adventurous.  He is big into sports, especially wrestling. He also enjoys doing acrobatics and lifting weights.  His personality goes from mellow to rambunctious in 60 seconds, but it’s always in good fun and he enjoys being the life of the party.  Says Clayton, “My passion is wrestling and helping people to realize their true physical potential. I’ve been working hard practically my entire life to stay fit and stay physically prepared for anything, today im finally here to share it with everyone.”

Some of his other hobbies and interests include:  Working on his car, hanging with his girlfriend, fishing, surfing, beach football, long-boarding and MMA.

To see more of Clayton, go to:


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With Christian, it’s all about baseball!

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Christian is a baseball player with lots of spunk, attitude and a rugged demeanor.

He enjoys all sports and recently has gotten back into fitness full swing. He’s looking his best. Can you believe this guy was 15 pounds overweight not too long ago? How did he do it? After being scouted and introduced into the world of modeling, Christian had all the incentive he needed to get into tip top shape.

Being a baseball player was also an incentive, and it only helps him at his game to be in good cardiovascular shape.

For someone who is new to modeling Christian is extremely comfortable in front of the cameras, and is willing to go the distance for picture perfect photos.

Christian is currently a college student and plans to finish school and take a shot at pro baseball. We wish him luck with his endeavors.

To see more of Christian, got to:

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A south of the border hottie – Rafael

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Rafel is a sexy Brazilian-American now living in the states for several years.  He’s completing his studies and also models part time.  He enjoys working out, computers, and a variety of contact sports, including mixed martial arts.  He did commercial modeling when he was in his teens but has recently decided he wanted to get back into it– he’s now focused on fitness modeling.

Rafael works out several times a week to maintain his physique and is looking forward to seeing where his new modeling endevours will take him.

To see more of Rafael, go to:

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100% All American – 100% hot muscle – Kevin Ford

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100 percent Allamerican…that is Kevin Ford. Our CAA 2001 winner is all that, and more. But
what’s good to know is, this guy is rather down to earth and quite easy to get along with.

To see more of Kevin Ford, go to:

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From baseball to business management, AJ is well rounded.

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AJ is a college student nearing graduation with a bachelor’s degree in business management. He’s interested in working within the commercial insurance industry and also hopes to eventually write a book on business.  AJ is from the the midwest and plans to stay in that part of the USA, as his family and friends are all located there. He’s hoping to one day find a girl with whom he shares some interests and settle down and start a family.

AJ’s other interests include nutrition and supplements, movies, women and sports. His favorite sports are baseball, basketball, and football.  He’s particularly fond of baseball as he’s played the sport all his life, including at the collegiate level.

To see more of AJ, go to:

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