Ryan Patterson – A role model of perfection

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Ryan is a competitive bodybuilder and fitness model. He’s competed in several NPC shows and is always looking to perfect his game.  Ryan trains several times a week in the gym and is a very health conscious person.  One of his ultimate goals is to become sponsored by a major supplement company and to be a role model for new bodybuilders.

When not training hard in the gym, Ryan enjoys the outdoors and spending time with friends and family.

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Colin – An All American with a wild side

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Colin has brown hair, blue eyes and a fit body. He lives in Connecticut and enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, health and fitness, and investing in real estate.

He has already traveled to Japan, China, Europe, Mexico, and Canada and plans on going a lot more places. Although he has a four year degree in math and computer science, this all-american has a wild side. “I have lots of crazy friends around the world, he says. “I like caring, intelligent, fit people with a sense of humor.”  Colin only dates casually now and feels that there is plenty of time to get serious and settle down. I’ll settle down after I’ve accomplished a lot of the things I want to do.”

He spends five days per week weight training and prepares almost all of his meals himself. Yes, Colin was a high school jock. He played football and ran track. “I would have loved to wrestle,” he says “but my school didn’t have a wrestling team.”

Colin is taking a year off from college and then returning to school to get a Master’s in Finance. He has an interest in acting and fitness modeling and his favorite actor is Bruce Lee. “Arnold hasn’t done bad for himself either” he says. Maybe some day soon the three big action heroes of all time will be Bruce, Arnold, and Colin. You never know.

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Charisma plus great looks = Markus Ricci

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Markus is a full time college student from the state of Massachusetts and is a part time fitness model. He enjoys working out, staying healthy, and doing outdoor activities.  Markus got into modeling a few years back and has since landed some pretty cool gigs, including being in a national TV commercial.  He is a very focused individual with lots of charisma and loves playing to the cameras.

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Hit the clubs and go dancing with Kelly

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“Modeling has been an awesome experience for me so far in getting to do things like a pilot for a TV show, traveling to Curacao to hang out with some of the most beautiful women in the world , meeting celebrities, and meeting tons of other people in general.

It’s really awesome to get to see what else is out side of North Carolina when getting to travel.

Hopefully I will be getting to do some more traveling soon. As far as me?  I love to hang out with all my friends, go to the clubs and dance with the girls (HAHA!), and I also enjoy working out, keeping fit, and living a healthy lifestyle. I really enjoy spending time with my family as well. They are what keep me pressing forward each day. I am still in college right now working on my business degree, which I have about a year left yet in achieving. Afterwards, I’m not exactly sure yet, but I hope to own my own gym or business period, as well as continuing to pursue modeling and eventually hoping to break into acting.”

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Working out is his drug – hit the gym with Chris Lee

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Chris comes to us from North Carolina. After doing his first bodybuilding contest he was approached to do modeling, and that was all the spark he needed to pursue his new hobby. His ultimate goal is to take modeling as far possible and eventually get into acting. He also wants to serve as an inspiration to other people.

He very much enjoys lifting weights. Says Chris, “Working out is my drug, my way to escape reality, you can catch me in the gym everyday, occasionally I’ll take a rest day if I need one.”

Chris is aiming for Health and Fitness Specialist BS in college. At the time of this writing, he’s a junior. His hobbies are many: Fitness, health, cross-fit, repelling, running, bicycling, swimming, diving, jet skiing, fishing, hunting, brazilian jiu jitsu, boxing, MMA, football, basketball, baseball, softball, snow boarding, surfing, racquetball, paint ball, 4-wheeling, river-rafting, dancing, watching movies and clubbing. Sounds like a lot of things to keep him busy.

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One big, buff hunk – that’s Brian N

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You can describe him as a quiet, confident, introspective kinda guy. Brian enjoys trying new things in life. He considers himself an adventurous person, who wants to travel the world and experience different cultures.

Brian wasn’t always a big and buff hunk. Back in high school, he was considered a “skinny” guy and would have never dreamed of ever modeling. But times have changed for this charismatic young man.

Brian has been dabbling with fitness modeling since working with All American Guys. He has to his credit, been featured in several national fitness magazines, including American Health & Fitness. He is the cover model for the 2003 All American Guys calendar, and has also done commercial print modeling nationwide.

Brian was also featured in the TV show pilot for “All American Guys”.

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Surfing through life – Justin Z

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Justin is a recent high school graduate and plans on possibly taking a stab at college life.

In the meantime, he wants to enjoy his summer and get as much surfing in as possible.  Justin started surfing several years ago and developed a love for the sport and now it’s pretty much all he thinks about.  His favorite spots to surf are the beaches of the coast in Florida and California.

When not surfing Justin enjoys hanging out with his friends and “trying to get in as much trouble as he can”.

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Travel the world with outgoing Jerod

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Jerod is an eccentric, outgoing and charming young man. He enjoys traveling, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. He’s also fluent in Japanese and practices Daoism.

He is quite a versatile person, excelling as an athlete (baseball and football), fashion model and a student with a high grade point average.

Jerod was discovered by Z Productions almost 4 years, and has since been working mostly in the realm of fashion modeling.  Jerod has shot with some of the top photographers in the world, including A&F’s Bruce Webber and cutting edge photographer and director David LaChapelle who’s directed videos for the likes of Britney Spears and Macy Gray.

Jerod even once dabbled in the music industry and came close to signing on with a major record label, as a heavy metal rock singer.

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Bodybuilder or beach bum – either way Andrew O is a winner.

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Andrew is a competitive bodybuilder and fitness model from the state of Florida.  He enjoys lifting weights, going to the gun range and being a beach bum.  Andrew’s ultimate goal is to achieve his desired bodybuilding weight and compete at the pro level.  He’s won two of the three NPC shows he’s competed in, so he’s on the way to getting there.  Watch for more of Andrew on All American Guys’ American Muscle.

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Always a charmer, He’s Josh S

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Josh is one of Allamerican Guys’ most succesful discoveries.  He is now a professional model and has been prominently featured in the  Abercrombie & Fitch catalog, and has also done work with Dolce & Gabana, 2xist, Maxim and a host of other companies.  Josh also appears in the Madonna/Britney Spears video, “In the Zone”.

Josh’s personality is one of confidence. He’s quite the charmer and loves to laugh.  In addition to modeling, Josh is pursuing his college education and also loves real estate.

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