Slip into some UnderGear with George H

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He was discovered by All American Guys in his gym where he’s a personal trainer.  And years later, he still looks amazing! Fitness supermodel George is a classy and well built guy with an excellent attitude and exceptional looks. He’s been featured in a number of fitness magazines and has been one of the most recognizable cover models for the UnderGear brand of International Male.

George enjoys modeling, the beach and sharing his fitness tips as a personal trainer.

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He’s intelligent, ambitious, and a romantic…fall in love with Anthony Logger

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He considers himself outgoing, crazy and likes to do thing sometimes without a care, such as streaking down the street with nothing on.  And he freely admits that he doesn’t care what neighbors think.  We could only be speaking of the one and only Anthony C. from the College Muscle showcase.

He’s intelligent and ambitious with hopes of someday making it on the cover of fitness magazines.  Well he started working out at age 14, and has achieved a near perfect body.  So we can only imagine what the future holds.

Anthony’s favorite hobby is working out, and he lists secondary hobbies as football, basketball and surfing.  He also considers himself a romantic and speaks of having a softer caring side.  A well rounded package indeed.

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Go hit some balls with Jayson B

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Jayson hails from the Great Lakes State of Michigan. He is a down-to-earth individual with lots of high ambitions in life.

This lean-muscular guy is an all-around athlete who enjoys most sports, especially baseball and basketball. He also enjoys some of the sports with more finesse such as golf . He has become very good at it in fact.

Jayson recalls one of the most memorable moments in his life was getting a chance to be up close and personal with the master himself, Tiger Woods, during a national tournament.

Our shy and reserved all-american is also very health-conscious. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health, Fitness and physical therapy.

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Jason K is smoking hot…and a fireman too!

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Jason K. comes to us from the state of California, where he’s a firefighter.  He’s one of those rare guys who enjoys life to its fullest and always wears a smile.  When he’s not fighting fires, he attends college and also models part time.  His hobbies include martial arts, which he’s really good at. He also loves to travel, play sports (an all-round jock), snowboard, and of course surf the Pacific ocean.

Jason is pretty open minded and loves the attention he gets from being a model. He’s not shy, so keep an eye out for him on AAG where he’s promised to ‘bring the heat’.  We’ll see.

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Go for a bike ride with Lawrence

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Lawrence is a typical metrosexual, with a great sense of style and taste.  He is raising two newly adopted kittens and spoils them every chance he gets.

Lawrence was born in Bangkok, Thailand. His mom is Thai and his dad is American. I think you will agree that he got the best features from both cultures. He has lived in Florida for most of his life and enjoys wakeboarding, jetskiing, mountain biking, and modifying sports cars.

This natural athlete works as a personal trainer, dabbles in real estate investing, and is working in his own business involving natural anti-aging remedies. He is a Scorpio and has a college degree in business management.

Lawrence would like to land the covers for a couple of the top fitness magazines and is very interested in acting. Do you think he has what it takes?

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Drake Rogers…humble and hot!

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Drake comes to us from the state of Louisiana.  He’s an outgoing, fun loving kinda guy who enjoys working out, modeling, swimming, watching movies, reading and just plain hanging out with friends.

He’s a dog trainer by profession but is looking to break into the modeling and acting fields.  He loves the camera and enjoys traveling, so he figured — why not take his handsome looks and hard earned physique, and put them to good use.

While he’s considered “hot” by many, Drake is as humble as they get.  He’s definitely someone you’d like to get to know.

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Ryan L is a hot one north of the border.

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Ryan L. is a Canadian model with an easy going personality and passion for life.  He loves to travel and meet new people and cultures.

Ryan was scouted for Allamerican Guys during Spring Break in Panama City Beach, Florida.  His goals are to tone up his physique and be cut year-round, as he thinks it attracts more lookers.

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Aaron Greene loves the outdoors, camping and going to the beach!

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Aaron Green had a very atypical upbringing.  He was born in Russia, moved to the USA when he was a child and grew up in Detroit, Michigan.  Then in his late teens Aaron moved to Florida to start a new life and enjoy the warmer climate.  He attended a military academy during his high school years and says it taught him how to be a better person.

Aaron is very much into the outdoors and enjoys camping and going to the beach.  He recently ventured into the world of modeling and is going to try his hand at acting eventually as well.

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Kevin P is a rising star!

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Abercrombie model Kevin Peake’s star is rising every day as he continues to make a name for himself in the world of modeling and entertainment. He came to fame with his appearance on ABC’s “Are You Hot” TV show where he was a finalist. He followed that with an impressive performance at the International Male Model Contest 2003 (Aruba) where he placed third, representing the USA. Kevin made a big impression in Aruba along with the other men of All American Guys, and he’s since been in the pages of magazines worldwide and most recently appears in Bravo TV’s “ManHunt” hosted by Carmen Electra. Watch for more of this rising star.

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He’s acrobatic and flexible…He’s Tyler Anthony

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Tyler is a competitive fitness model with hopes of one day becoming well known in the world of modeling and fitness.  He’s a college student, personal trainer and recently began dabbling with modeling.

He is both reserved and outgoing and usually takes things in stride.  In his early years Tyler trained to be a gymnast and so he’s quite acrobatic and flexible.  His hobbies include hanging out with friends, weight lifting and traveling.

Watch for more of Tyler on AAG


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