Ryan N’s debut on AAG

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You may have noticed we’ve been debuting a lot of new faces here on All American Guys.  Most recently, we debuted Ryan N.  And if you haven’t taken some time to check out his full photo and video set, you’re missing out!  We’ve even thrown in a scorching hot heatseeker video of him right off the bat! Other updates include Tyler H. and his buddy having some fun in a set of new videos.

Here’s a little sneak peak for you!  For the full sized HD videos and photos as well as the rest of the content we added this week please log in or join AAG!








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Chris W – A Timeless Classic

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“Being a model has opened many doors for me. Getting to travel around and see the world has definitely been an aspiration of mine since I was a little kid and now it’s becoming a reality. I always dreamed of doing something with my life that would somehow grant me the ability to influence and possibly even inspire others and I think modeling will definitely help me to accomplish that.

Being a Personal Trainer allows me to work with many different types of people who all have the same goal, to become healthier. They know that being healthy will create a better lifestyle for them as well as the people around them. That’s why I love what I do, I can help and inspire people to change their lives and get to actually watch them make progress day after day, week after week.

Attending the University of North Carolina at Wilmington has been an unbelievable experience. The opportunity to meet and become friends with people from all walks of life has changed me in so many ways. That, and the chance to get my degree in Exercise Science has definitely made my college experience the best three years of my life. With just one year to go I look forward to many new challenges and adventurous opportunities in my near future.

To see more videos and photos of Chris W:

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Anthony – Yet Another Blast from The Past

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Anthony is a fun-loving youth with lots of ambitions and plans for the future. He’s mellow, confident and enjoys life.

Prior to moving to Florida, Anthony lived in Indiana. He considers the move to Florida a big life changing experience.

Some of Anthony’s hobbies include wakeboarding, jet skiing, working out and all sports, especially football.

Watch for Anthony over the coming months, as he plans to take a stab at fashion modeling. He certainly has all the right prerequisites to make a success of it.

For more photos and videos:




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Charlie P – Anna Nicole Smith’s Favorite.

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“I haven’t always been in great shape. I was actually the furthest thing away from being fit. All that changed when I decided to take control of my body and mind by entering the EAS Body-for-Life Challenge. I made the transformation in a mere 12 weeks to what you see today. This situation taught me that nothing is impossible when you set your mind to it.

This leads me into how I began to compete as a natural bodybuilder. Realizing that I had the genetics for bodybuilding, I quickly developed a passion for the sport. Dedication, hard work, and many weeks of near solitude are all names of the game here. Conquering these challenges has given me a sense of accomplishment like no other.

Fitness and bodybuilding are not my only passions in life. Music has always been a creative outlet for me. For as long as I can remember, creating music has been a great interest of mine. To sit down and let your emotions come out on your instrument or in your lyrics is a feeling that can’t really be put into words.”

Charlie also competed in a fitness contest on The Anna Nicole Show and actually won the whole event. Anna thought Charlie was the greatest.

To see more photos and videos of Charlie P and the Anna Nicole Show Event please go to:




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Another Pic of the Moment from the AAG Vaults – Cory

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Wild and crazy would definitely be words to describe Cory. Originally from the state of New York, Cory has traveled the good old USA and has finally made Florida his home, where he’s pursuing his studies, staying active and terrorizing young women everywhere. Well, not really terrorizing, we’re only kidding. But Cory does have an affinity with women, and more often than not, they reciprocate.

How does Cory stay active? Aside from going to the gym a few times a week, you can catch him chillin’ with his buds, including College Muscle’s Stu. The usual activities? Let’s see…. going boating, surfing, partying at the clubs in Central Florida’s Ybor City.

But there’s more to him than just having fun. Cory does have a mellow and intense spiritual side that helps him stay grounded.

He’s a thoughtful, witty, and spontaneous individual, often making other people around him smile. To see more of Cory:

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Geoff- Another Very Memorable Face.

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Geoff is an entrepreneur at heart, starting up his own line of sportswear and also pursuing his dreams of acting and modeling. Also known for his stand-up comedy stints, Geoff is a well-rounded, athletic and personable guy. Great physique and wonderful photogenic qualities make him a winner. To see more of Geoff go to:

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Who Remembers Aaron and Matt?

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Aaron can be described as tough, strong and confident. He started off with an average muscular build early in his teens and worked his way up to a solid, well built and ripped physique in his now early twenties.

He’s an easy going guy with lots of personality and spunk. Aaron is not afraid to rise to any challenge and is a hard worker.

This young man enjoys working with the cameras and even giving creative input. His photogenic qualities are evident in the photos taken.


Matt can be described as cool, calm, and lots of fun to be around. Matt was discovered by one of All American Guys’ web admins on a popular Internet portal.

He is very much into cars, video games, and all sports. Baseball and football are two of his passions.Not too long ago, Matt made a brief appearance on the syndicated Ricki Lake Show, as part of a dating game segment.

Unfortunately the “dates” weren’t up to par with Matt’s high standard in women. And we agreed! Aside from hogging the spotlight on TV and Internet, Matt also enjoys working out and keeping fit.

These guys are best friends and great posing buddies. To see more photos and videos of Aaron and Matt: 

































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Drew P – An Original Classic.

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Drew is twenty-one years old and a sports fanatic. He likes getting sun playing sand volleyball. He is a boxer, a baseball player and a football player. He studies martial arts and works at a gym as a trainer. Of course, he is a big Pittsburg Steelers fan. Did I tell you that this guy likes sports?

On a more personal note Drew loves to be lazy and have down time?. ?I love to lie around the house and watch T.V.? he says. This is a guy who can sleep ten hours a night. If you ever visit Pittsburg you may see Drew walking around in one of the local parks checking out some of the women. He loves to people watch and he loves the ladies. With his fit body and youthful good looks I am sure his appreciation is often reciprocated.

To see mor photos and videos of Drew go to:







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New Videos and Photos Added To Our Collection

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What’s more fun than an AAG model having a blast on the beach?  Two of them! Check out the videos we’ve added this week of Tyler and his friend horsing around and having some fun in the ocean together.  All in all we’ve added over 8 new videos for you in both standard and HD versions!  We’ve also added videos of scorching hot newcomer Ryan N. pumping iron in the gym and in the water showing off some hot new swimming trunks!

While you’re poking around and checking out all the hot new videos you’ll also want to see the new photo sets we’ve released of Tyler H. and the photos of Justin Maina!



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Photo of the Moment: Eric W

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Eric is what you would consider a “big” guy, in other words, HUGE! He’s been lifting since his pre-teens and his gains show it. With a 50″ + chest and massive arms, he’s undoubtedly one of the biggest guys you’ll ever see in a gym.
Aside from lifting, which is one of his biggest past times, Eric enjoys reading and just hanging out. He’s a law student with his goals set high. And bodybuilding is something he plans on getting involved in for “the challenge of it.” We’re sure he won’t fare too badly if he keeps up a physique like that! To see more of Eric W go to:

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