Photo of The Moment: Matthew

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Matthew is definitely the “Big Man on Campus.” He’s got not only a big body, but also a big heart. And is one of the gentlest giants you’ll ever meet.

Well, he’s not quite a “giant” in the true sense, but he does pack a mean physique, and his arms really show it. Among his best bodily assets, Matt’s arms measure 18″ and he wants to get ’em bigger. Can they get any bigger? The biceps peaks alone are impressive!

Our reserved college student is originally from Indiana, and is attending school in the sunshine state of Florida. Hobbies include working out, reading and cooking!

See more of Matthew at:



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Check Out This Week’s Updates

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You may have noticed we’ve had a lot of new models lately.  This week that trend continues with the debut of Jay Parks (check him out!). Plenty of new videos for you this week as well.  Check out videos of Stefan Gatt, Benjamin Evans, Justin B., Taylor C, Anthony, Jim Weir, newcomers Jon Doliana and Mark Reid (that’s a lot of videos)! In addition to all that, Nick Gosling is BACK with a brand new set of over a dozen photos.  Log in to check all of this out and more!

Here are some of the previews for you!  For the full sized HD videos and photos as well as the rest of the content we added this week please log in or join AAG!


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Nick, A True AAG Classic

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Nick is a quiet, yet confident type. At first, you may perceive him as cocky, and arrogant. But he’s far from it. He’s friendly, smart, and considerate.And get him talking about cars and he comes alive. Nick enjoys cars, bikes, traveling and going out on the town with friends. You could call him a night owl in some ways. When Nick is partying, the shy guy in him totally disappears.

See more photos and videos of Nick at:


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A blast from the Past: Trevor

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Trevor hails from the cool and picturesque province of New Brunswick in Canada. But he didn’t seem to mind the warm weather one bit when he was down for his College Muscle shoot in Florida.

Trevor is a witty, funny, and quite spunky little character. He can get a temper every now and then, but for the most part you can’t help but want to hang around with this guy.

Our Canadian hunk is an all-around athlete, and is currently on his school’s baseball and hockey team. But he also enjoys basketball, football, wrestling and competitive bodybuilding.

In terms of bodybuilding, Trevor hopes to soon compete at the world level and is planning on adding some size in the coming months. He has already placed first and second in some of the Canadian bodybuilding federation events.

See Trevor’s Videos and Photos:



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Guy of The Moment: ZacK H.

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He is a champion wrestler at the University of Maryland and he also enjoys football and basketball.

Zack was previously featured in the All American Guys Classic Showcase. He now makes his debut on College Muscle.

This young man is outgoing, athletic, spunky and willing to try new things. He once competed in a bodybuilding show with guys much bigger than him, just for the experience. He later realized bodybuilding was not his cup of tea.

In the wrestling off-season Zack likes to pack on more muscle, as he plans to do again sometime soon for another appearance on the site. Perhaps with another College Muscle wrestler?

To see more photos and videos of Zack: 




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Guy of the Moment: Nick Gosling

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Nick Gosling is from the state of Florida. Thus he has a natural love for the beach and most things beach related, especially skimming and surfing. He is currently enrolled in college and hopes to graduate with a degree in business. However, Nick has also taken a liking to the world of entertainment. He is exploring the possibility of forming a local rock group, as he plays the drums and guitar real well. He’s also not a bad singer and is honing his skills there as well.

Modeling is a new and intriguing venture for Nick. At first he was initially reluctant to getting into modeling, but after seeing his test photos he caught the ‘modeling bug’. And the rest, as they say….

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New Stuff From Your Favorite Guys

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Wow! We’ve released a flood of photos this week including AAG favorites Anthony C., Taylor,  Jim Weir and Tyler Anthony including a series of photos containing both Anthony AND Taylor – a real dynamic duo! We’ve also released some advanced photos to give you a sneak peek at newcomer Justin lounging out on the couch, at the beach, and in the studio!  We’ve also added a couple of new videos of Jim, Anthony and Taylor, body builder Ronald and newcomer Jay.  Tell us what you think on the message boards.

Check out some of the screen clipped previews below!  For the full sized HD videos and photos as well as the rest of the content we added this week please log in or join AAG!


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Guy of the Moment : Phillip

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Phillip was born in Tampa Florida. He has one younger brother and 2 dogs. Phillip started judo at age 11 and has been competing ever since.

He was very skinny at age 12 when his dad sat him down and got him into weight lifting. Now not a week has gone by without him working out. Phillip has been dabbling with fitness modeling since January 2008. He also hopes to get into acting at some point down the road. He’s currently in college, majoring in Business. Phillip also enjoys traveling and meeting new people.  To see more photos and videos of Phillip, click here.

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Muscle Guy Justin B.

June 20, 2012 by  
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He’s new to the world of fitness modeling but hopes to take it by storm. This is our latest hunk at All American Guys, Justin B. He’s definitely not shy about showing off his well sculpted physique. His beach shoot had many spectators, aside from the AAG crew and he seemed to be soaking up all the attention. Check out Justin’s photos and videos in the members area.

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Photo of the Moment: A Blast From The Past…Joey and Jason Barbera

June 18, 2012 by  
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Joey and Jason Barbera are two of the most recognizable male model twins in the industry. They have done everything from TV to commercials to print work. And over the years have acquired a tremendous fan base. We are pleased to feature the Barbera Twins on Allamerican Guys. See more of the Barbera Twins at:



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