More of the Sexy Jim Weir

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Jim, Jim, Jim.  We were all about Jim Weir this week.  We started out with his big highly-anticipated debut where we set him up with a brand new profile chock-full of photos and videos.  The reaction to Jim was great so we followed it up with two more videos of him hanging out in the ocean and some raw footage.  Still not enough Jim for you? We added eight more photos to his brand new portfolio and then released three new videos of Jim pumping iron (and getting a great pump!).  That’s a heck of a lot of Jim this week.  Check out some of the samples below.




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Todd Sanfield Turns Up the Heat: Exclusive Story

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All American Guys’ lead photographer Michael A. Downs recently did a photo and video shoot with super hunk Todd Sanfield. The shoot took place in South Beach, Miami, FL and showed a different side of the well known male model. He was playful and uber sexy as usual, but there was also another dimension with Todd during this production. His demeanor was more relaxed and casual and he did something which he’d never done before during a photo shoot– Todd actually got in the water and splashed around, basked in the Miami sunlight surrounded by crashing ocean waves. It was something Todd had always wanted to do, being that he was so accustomed to shooting practically naked. He wanted a more “all american” touch to his images.

The photo shoot yielded some stunning images which will make their way onto the pages of All American Guys’ Members Area this week. There were also plenty of super hot video footage as well. There are currently four video productions of Todd on the site.  AAG Members, Click Here to View More.

Now Todd is not just satisfied being a male model. He’s an entrepreneur at heart, and so it was only logical that he would make the next move— starting his own underwear line. Read more about Todd in his own words, below and check out the links as well, which include a link to Todd’s most recent book collaboration with photographer Kevin McDermott.

Todd on in His Own Words:

“There was a time when I thought I would never be photographed again. I started my modeling career right before I graduated from Michigan State University. The semester before I finished, I did my first job. After this I moved to NYC to sign with IMG models. I learned a little more about myself and what I wanted in life. I learned to love the fashion industry, everything about it. I also learned what I wanted from life at that time, an education.

My undergrad was pre-medical coursework with my degree being a Bachelor of Science in Zoology. I knew I wanted to do science, but no longer animal science– even though I’m still a BIG TIME ANIMAL LOVER! I wanted to learn more about the human body– how chemicals react with it, and learn to help people. That is when I chose Pharmacy as a course of study.

After spending two years in NYC, I made the move back home and started working to get into the program. It took two years of pre-requesite coursework before I was accepted in the Doctor of Pharmacy program (PharmD). While I was pursuing this, I never thought I would take a picture again, as all of my effort was focused toward school. Then one day it happened– I wanted to be a part of the fashion world and underwear was what I knew best.

I think subconsciously I always wanted to be a part of the creative side, but the only way I knew how, was through the modeling industry. My mom has always been very creative and I take after her. Currently, I am finishing up my second year of Pharmacy school with two more years to go– in addition to juggling my Todd Sanfield underwear line.”

In addition to his underwear line, Todd is the exclusive featured model in Kevin McDermott’s current book “Motel Hotel”. It features nudes of Todd shot exclusively for the book. Pretty sexy stuff we must say.

Todd says this about the book:

“The MOTEL | HOTEL book is truly special to me. It is a photographic essay taken of me in my most comfortable setting, my hometown, Detroit, Michigan. When we did the shoot, this book was not planned. I really don’t even know how it happened. I told the photographer, Kevin McDermott, before the shoot that it needed to be sexy…VERY SEXY, and that was it.

After seeing the photographs we realized how special the shoot really was. It was over the top sexual, but in a classy, refined way. We took the nude and re-defined it! With modeling your body, nudity comes into play. But sometimes the nudity is done in an unsophisticated way where it is almost pornographic. I knew there was going to be a time for me to completely nude in photographs, where nothing would be hidden. When that time came, I wanted to make it a point to reveal myself in a way that was true to myself and shot the right way.

Kevin McDermott’s photographic skill was able to capture this in the best way possible. His photos are artistically beautiful and yet over-the-top sexy. When you look at these pictures, you don’t see a naked guy. I am not even sure how to describe it. I guess the only way to find out is to buy the book and see for yourself.”

Check out Todd at the following links:!/tsanfield

About the Todd Sanfield Underwear Collection:

Todd Sanfield is delivering you the most sophisticated, cutting-edge design and the latest trends in his high-end underwear collection. Classy, elegant and most of all sensual can best describe the look and tone of the line. His commitment is to guarantee superior comfort in fit, and to set the standard of ultimate quality and durability. The line is made with the finest blend of cotton and each pair of underwear is personally designed and inspired by Todd’s unique sense of style and character, which sets this collection above the rest.

AAG Viewers’ Discount:
Todd sends a shout out to all his AAG fans and is grateful for being a part of our community. He’d also like to extend a special 20% discount for AAG members who purchase his underwear brand. Visit the underwear site: and when you purchase, use promotional code: AAG


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Jim Weir debuts on All American Guys

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Lots of exclusive high resolution photos and super sexy HD video footage of Jim can be found right now in the MEMBERS AREA of the All American Guys website. But feel free to read about Jim in this exclusive interview below.

Interview by Caleb Galaraga

Jim Weir is an up-and-coming male model from Dekalb, IL. He is currently finishing his Master’s in Clinical Exercise Psychology. The very first photographer who took Jim’s photos suggested that he post some of them on All American Guys and 48-hours later Jim was on his way to becoming an AAG model!

All American Guys caught up with Jim to learn more about the model featured in the amazing images from photographer Michael Anthony Downs!

AAG: Jim, tell us a few things about you. Anything.

JIM: I was born in Orlando, Florida but I only lived there for a couple years, unfortunately, because my father got a job offer in Illinois. So we moved there to a very small farm town called Oregon. It’s where I lived most of my life. I went to school in Oregon until I graduated from high school and then moved to Dekalb, IL (another small town) for college. I am currently a senior here working towards a Master’s in Clinical Exercise Physiology. I plan to go to grad school in the suburbs or possibly the city. I am a pretty chill guy and am up for anything really. I love to go out and have fun of course, try out new things, and just be spontaneous. I am also definitely committed to the world of fitness. It is one of my strongest passions…addictions!

AAG: Have you always been a health buff? If so, how did you end up as one?

JIM: Hahaha! Nope, I definitely was not always a health buff. I was actually a skinny little boy in junior high. I believe I was a hundred pound skin and bones little shrimp in 7th grade. Also, my first job was at McDonald’s and I gained some unwanted weight after only two weeks of working there. Once I realized I was gaining weight, I ran three miles everyday until it was off. Then I got picked on a lot in high school, so my brother told me that I needed to start lifting for football so I could defend myself when I got picked on. My dad bought some weights and he started helping me lift in our basement. He measured my arms once every two weeks to see the progress! I didn’t take it seriously during my freshman year but then started getting really serious the year after and my strength and size skyrocketed.

AAG: Share with us your first time in the gym. How did it feel being surrounded by all the muscle guys and the big weights?

JIM: Hmmm…my first time in an actual gym, well, I was nervous. I didn’t know how much other people were lifting. I was self-conscious about my body, but I had a couple close friends that I lifted with who helped me out and made me feel more secure. After that things got rolling and I realized I was stronger than most of the kids in the gym.

AAG: Did you have people around you who inspired you to be active and stay fit? What were some of the things that kept you active and in shape?

JIM: Yeah, I had my brother who was in great shape and I thought to myself that I want to be his size when I graduate high school. Plus I had football and wrestling at the beginning of high school and then pole vaulting and track the last two years of high school. Also, when I started getting serious about lifting, it became an addiction. I had to go to the gym…I just loved it.

AAG: What were your initial goals when you started training? How did you accomplish them?

JIM: At the beginning, I just wanted to be bigger and be able to protect myself and also be more secure about my body – to simply look better. I believe I accomplished that to a certain point. My whole family was surprised and said I surpassed what they thought was possible with my size and especially my strength. More importantly, my brother couldn’t believe how big I was! However, I’m always trying to build a better body, I do think that I have a lot more room for improvement still.

AAG: What can you advise someone who has never attempted to live a fit life but has the desire to begin a healthy lifestyle?

JIM: I would suggest one of the biggest things is to clean up your diet. Make sure you are eating healthy food because that is so much of how your body looks. You have to eat healthy. Then just start going to the gym three days a week. Try out all the machines to see how they work for a few weeks. Then start getting a program of lifts put together. Do some research on simple ones and complex ones and mix it up. Be very careful with your form and when your body is getting used to it more. Then get to lifting and creating that dream body you have always wanted. But don’t strain yourself by lifting heavy at the beginning. Get your technique perfected first.


AAG: How did you hear about All American Guys (AAG)?

JIM: It was from my first photographer that took shots of me. He told me to put some of the photos on the site and see what would happen. After only two days I got a call from AAG on the way to my work!

AAG: Have you tried modeling before AAG? If so, where?

JIM: I have done a couple shoots with a few photographers and I did a book cover for a romance novel out this spring called While He Was Away.

AAG: When did you take your first professional photos? And what did you think of them when they came out?

JIM: I took my first photos with Alan Spiers, I believe about a year and a half ago. The photographer said they looked amazing and that brought my spirits up. Then I saw them and thought damn…I like these pics! Hahaha.

AAG: Do you want to become a professional male fitness model? If yes, what steps are you taking to get there?

JIM: I would love to become a big star model. I’m just blessed with what I have going on right now and I’m definitely along for the ride to see where this goes. And well I’m hoping that my being with AAG will get things rolling and I’ll get my face out there for more big things to com.

AAG: Share with us your AAG experience. How was it working with Mike Downs and the crew?

JIM: Being in Miami was definitely insane and I loved the experience. It was a whole new culture there. Working with Mike Downs was a very fun time. He has a spunky and chill attitude, which I like! He certainly gets you comfortable to work with. All the destinations of the shoot were diverse and pretty cool. I’m shooting with him again soon and I know it will be a great time all over again.

AAG: A year from now, where will Jim Weir the male model be?

JIM: I’m hoping to be traveling more for more modeling jobs, that’s for sure! Hahaha. I’ll still be in school so I’ll be in classes. I know that’s certain, but along with school, I’m hoping to make this [modeling] a good job as well.

AAG: Where can AAG readers find more of you?

JIM: Well, you can see more of me (including exclusive videos and photos) in the MEMBERS AREA of All American Guys.

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All American Guys Version 9 is Here!

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OK everyone, so the wait is finally over. All American Guys version 9 is finally here and it’s chock-full of all the things we know you’re gonna love. In addition to the new look and feel, we’re also presenting a new approach to the delivery of our content. Our content is more organized, searchable and presented in a more vibrant way.

Now those are all nice things, but we know what you come here for, right? And that’s to see the hottest fitness men in America. There’s a reason FOX News calls us “one of the hottest sites in the business”. We’re coming at you strong in 2012 with big names like Stefan Gatt; scorching newcomers like Jim Weir, Corey Cann and Josh Banks and of course your favorites like Josh Ohl, Markus Ricci, Anthony Green and many more.

Look for more frequent updates, the beefiest and sexiest new models, multiple video chats throughout the week, new sections and cross platform videos that will play on your Ipad, Iphone and Android devices.

It’s going to be a pretty hot spring season as we bring you lots more and varied content, including showcases of some of the top photographers in the business. It’s a whole new AAG in 2012 and we hope you JOIN US in the Members Area to see what all the fuss is about. If you’re not a member, SIGN UP NOW to the hottest and sexiest male fitness model site on the planet!

Picture below (Drake, Taylor C, Josh O.)

For more info, FAQ and system requirements for viewing our new website, please visit the New Site Help Page.

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The All American Guy

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What makes a guy an All-American Guy? Is it the gleam in their eye or the killer stare? The cocky swagger or the coy smile? Perhaps it’s the barest hint of mischief lurking within their seemingly reserved personalities. Or is it simply the smokin’ physique… the bangin’ bod…the six-pack, eight-pack, and in some amazin’ cases, ten-pack abs?

Hell no, it’s the total package. A sizzling mix of all the above, plus that extra sexy quality called charisma, of a dude owning his space with absolute authority, oozing confidence and inner strength. Very few guys, let alone men, have it. But when they do, watch out, man! There’s no stopping these boys from blowing you away each time you catch a glimpse of their rockin’ good looks.

It takes more than just surface cred to excel as a top AAG model. It’s also in the attitude. The whole nine yards. Just being eye-candy won’t cut it. An All American Guy has to stand out in a crowd, yet still be just one of the boys. He can’t be some loner who thinks he’s above the fray. He has to be the absolute center of attention without demanding it. In a nutshell, it’s all about presence.

Think of one of AAG’s best-known models: Josh O. Who can resist the aura this hunk gives off? He brims over with a sense of masculine self-assurance that is rare and palpable. Sure he’s got a dynamite build that makes you want to race to the gym and put in a few hours with the dumbbells to pump up your own muscles, but it’s how he handles all that he has that sets him apart. He makes it look effortless. And then there’s that face. That friggin’ jaw line. The iconic profile. Like some Hollywood movie star of yore. Granite. Solid. Virile. He’s the quintessential All-American. A man’s man that everyone is drawn to. Not too many of those out there.

Take Matt Stone. He’s got all of that in spades. It’s there in his finely chiseled features, the bulging arms, the ripped chest, the V-line that never quits, the rock-hard abs, the shredded legs — not to mention that killer face. Plus he’s smart as a whip. Matt never takes a bad picture. He’s a model who knows how to work it from every angle.

So too the Doc: Ivan R. — handsome, sensuous, with a stallion’s grace. Passion oozes from his every pore. That hair, those eyes, the impish grin. And so much more! There’s a little edge to his laugh that lets you know he’s no fool even when he’s just kidding around. He’s always out for a good time, but only if it adds something unique to his experience. There’s nothing idle about Ivan. He’s a man of the world, but one who never seems jaded.

Another long-haired hunk, Justin Z., has a similar, other worldly appeal. A Blond Adonis with a finely tuned swimmer’s build, a fashion model’s sense of style, and a surfer’s laid-back cool, he exudes glamour even when he’s just kicking back, chilling with his brahs. Part Native American, Justin has perfect skin, classic bone structure and a fiery spirit under that suave demeanor. No wonder he’s one of AAG’s most-sought after models.

One could write a book about that other top AAG model, Gary T. He’s definitely all-man, yet always the gentleman, with a soft-spoken Southern drawl. His body is an eye-magnet, in a typically super-sized American way. And boy does he know how to show it off. But he’s never in your face about it. He commands your attention by seducing you subtly, without having to lord it over you.

On the other side of the scale, there’s Hunter S. He bristles with youthful energy, a playful insouciance and a quick wit. Hunter’s the kind of guy you’d want to hang with on a rainy day or go paint-balling with. There’s never a dull moment with Hunter around.

Brock brims over with personality too, not to mention an actor’s powerful presence. He brings everything he’s got to the party. And what a swell party it is! Anthony C. is a serious cut-up — cute and cocky — with a strongly sensual side. But you can tell he’s a guy you can trust, despite the ballsy bravado. And he’s got the best put-on Australian accent going.

Some of the most intriguing AAG models win us over with an air of mystery. John M. is the top dog of that moody crew. Devastatingly handsome, with an athlete’s composure, he is a bit more reserved than the others. But give him a chance, and he dazzles with his blue-green eyes, daring us to delve even deeper.

But why single out just the long-standing AAG stars? The newer models bring a whole different dimension to AAG. Edgier, cooler, and a helluva lot cockier to boot. Tyler H. has that puckish face and that smooth bubbly personality. But he’s got that wicked smile that tells us he knows how to have a good time, all the time, 24/7, which is just how we like it. Clayton, Tory, Jason T. and Nick B. are all AAG rock stars too. They lure us in with their brooding, dark good looks — brazen, bold and big as life.

Few can challenge, AAG Model of the Year, Adam A. for perfection of form, classic physique, and natural ability in front of the camera. He may not crush you in a bear hug like another perennial favorite, Kent, would, but Adam wins you over merely by arching an eyebrow. He knows he’s the top and isn’t afraid to flaunt it.

Some of the newest members of the fold: Tyler A., Andrew O., and Ben, show the same promise as the most popular studs who came before. So too a brand new kid, Gary, who is tatted-up, jacked, and ready for anything that comes his way. Bring it on!

But it’s up to us to let them know how much we appreciate these studs for sharing their special qualities with us. An AAG star isn’t made overnight. The best and the brightest rise up over time, compelling us to keep our eyes glued on their progress, inviting them to come back again and again. Cause that’s what the hottest AAG models do best. They challenge us to sit on the edge of our seats and stare in awe, yearning for more. It’s an All-American Guy thing. Check out all of the awesome men now in the Members Area.

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Stefan Gatt, the Next Superstar Fitness Model

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He’s without a doubt one of the rising stars in the world of modeling. Stefan Gatt is poised to take the fitness world by storm in addition to making a splash on the silver screen. Only in his early twenties, Stefan has already accomplished a lot, including appearances in magazines, commercials and events including a live Nike and ESPN fashion show. He’s been photographed by some of the world’s top photographers and he’s set to have his major motion film debut in October with Paramount Studios.

This week Stefan makes an appearance on All American Guys. His recent photo and video shoot yielded some of his sexiest and glossiest work to date. Check out the members area for some really eye-catching videos and photos.

Also be sure to check out Stefan’s website ( where you can see a lot from the sexy model/actor. And of course, a nice preview photo below.

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No Gym? No Problem. 5 Bicep Blasters You Can Do At Home

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If you’re living on planet earth you know that one of the most common and popular muscle groups to exercise is the bicep. Of all the muscles on the human body none are perceived quite as strongly as an instant indicator of the power and strength of the individual. It’s one of the first body parts most people notice. Most think that to build bicep mass that you need to do curls in the gym, but in actuality there are many different exercises that you can do to for bigger bulging biceps right at home, without the expensive weights and equipment. Check out these four exercises to maximize the size of your biceps.

Simple but effective exercises.

1. The Chin Up

The sister of the pull up. While pulling motions typically target the muscles in the back, they all involve the bicep muscle as well. This is particularly true for underhand grip movements like the chin up. The biceps get a great workout from this exercise. You can do this popular exercise right at home (or anywhere if you can find a good door frame or something to hang from) making it ultra convenient and easy to do consistently.

If hanging from doorways, tree limbs, overhangs, or any stable object doesn’t appeal to you, pull up bars can be bought in most sporting good stores or at virtually any major retailer. You can also find them online at low cost. Most can fashion right to your door frame or between it. Be sure not to hang it too low if you plan to keep it there, or you could wind up with a nasty bump. Also, you may have to bend your knees back in order to not have your feet touch the ground on the way down.

These exercises are simple and straightforward to perform. Grip the bar with both hands, palms facing you, and slowly pull yourself up until your chin reaches the top of the bar or your fingers. Don’t forget to exhale when you pull yourself up, and then inhale when you go back down.

2. The Bicep Curl

This is by far the most common exercise for building biceps, and can be done with or with out common weight equipment. Any type of heavy item such as a full book bag or a water bucket (or anything that has weight to it along with a handle or something to grip) can be used in place of the typical barbells or dumbbells. How many reps you can do and your intensity will all depend on your stamina, strength and endurance as well as the amount of weight you use. If you can’t find two items of the same weight just work one arm out at a time then switch. Make sure to be slow, controlled and concentrated when curling the weight for the biggest pump.

3. Inverted Rows

When you think of rowing exercises the back is probably the first muscle that comes to mind. You’ve seen people in the gym doing barbell rows or seated machine rows for their back. However, these are no ordinary rows. There’s a twist (literally) that makes all the difference and that twist comes at the wrist. Rather than taking the traditional palms down grip rotate the wrists and use a palm up grip instead. For the purposes of doing this without equipment, start by lying flat on your back on the floor. Make sure you have something stable within your reach that you can grab on to, like a coffee table or book shelf, bar, cross beam, chair or something similar. Once you have a firm grip with your arms extended straight out in front of you pull yourself upward towards whatever you’re using. When you get to the top, hold for a second or two before returning back to the starting position . Again, be slow, controlled, and concentrated during the movement. With bodyweight exercises that is particularly important as it can make up for not being able to increase the amount of weight you’re using. If you’re feeling the burn, you’re on the right track, keep pumping!

4. The Push Up

Are you shocked to see the push-up listed on a list of bicep exercises? Good. The goal is to get bigger arms, right? Guess what. The tricep makes up the majority of upper arm size, not the bicep. This exercise is included here for two reasons. First, the tricep is worked as a secondary muscle in the push up. The bigger your triceps are the bigger your arms will look. In addition to that, the biceps undergo a unique eccentric contraction during the push-up exercise that makes for a nice way to finish off a bicep workout.

Lie down on your stomach on the floor or flat surface and lift your body using your arms. Make sure your palms are flat on the ground. Throughout the movement, the only other things that should be touching the ground are your toes. Keeping your back straight do as many as you can in a smooth, even and fair-paced tempo.

Note: Always listen to your body, and never exert yourself beyond your limit because it can result in some serious injuries. Most of all, have fun during these exercises. Before you know it you’ll be as big and buff as the AAG guys.

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All American Guys Glossy Magazine. Issue 3

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Did you know that AAG now has a glossy mag — ALL AMERICAN GUYS MAGAZINE? It’s true! We assembled the best magazine team anywhere — AAG Mag features the guys of AAG and is edited by the creators of XY and B Magazines and Abercrombie’s A&F Quarterly, so you know it’s gonna be supersexy, but also good for coffee table since G-rated.

The supersexy BRIEFS issue (#3) is just about to print in April! And, the amazing WET issue and SPORTS issue are still available! In the SPORTS issue (currently on sale), Chad talks basketball, Brock discusses bodybuilding, and Evan explains how to throw a football.

The upcoming BRIEFS issue features dozens of the AAG guys wearing only briefs, and interviews the guys about their briefs! It will definitely be hot!

Subscribe now to be in time (40% off the newsstand price). Check it out or take a tour at today! And of course you can see exclusive sexy videos and behind the scenes of the guys in the Members Area

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