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Latest Site Updates

Check out the latest updates to the website’s membership section below.

Martin K. Red Hot Update

Martin K. Red Hot Update

This AAG classic will blow your mind in this never before seen footage. Martin K. gives you a voyeur styled video. He gets some alone time to relax in his bungalow and uses it well. He gets a sudden urge to get off so he whips out his phone and chooses from a...

Mr. Bradford, Rooftop Erotica in Puerto Rico

Mr. Bradford, Rooftop Erotica in Puerto Rico

After a long day of shooting at the beach there's nothing better than to wrap up the day with rooftop views of Mr. Bradford. He rinses off his sandy body before he get into the pool to relax and enjoy the sunset. He can't help but be seductive and sexy when the camera...

Hunky Mitch S. in Puerto Rico Part 2

Hunky Mitch S. in Puerto Rico Part 2

Mitch S. takes over the beach in the best type of way. He is at peak physique and isn't shy about showing it off. This hunk makes anything he puts on sexy but it's even better when he wears nothing at all. Something about being on the island makes him feel a bit more...

Mr. Bradford & Joe Woods Bring the Heat in Puerto Rico

Mr. Bradford & Joe Woods Bring the Heat in Puerto Rico

New face Alert! We welcome Mr. Bradford to All American Guys by having him join Joe Woods in Puerto Rico. This duo is undeniably one of the sexiest and lucky for you, you get to watch them in action. They bring the heat to where the sun always shines. Mr. Bradford is...

Super Hot Mitch S. in Puerto Rico, Ocean Bathing

Super Hot Mitch S. in Puerto Rico, Ocean Bathing

Mitch sports two different ultra sexy swim trunks for his PR beach photo shoot. He has a body to die for! He is shredded to the core and can make any speedo look good. When golden hour comes around in tropics the less clothes the better. Mitch showcases his sexy...

Behind the Scenes with Your Faves

Behind the Scenes with Your Faves

From the archives, never before seen bts footage of Cooper A, Sean B, Taylor D, Justin M, Brandon L, more. This video is a blast from the past and gives you some insight on what its like hanging out with the guys. Cooper has you join him for a workout and his post...

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