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As a member of All American Guys you get access to over 6,000+ videos and thousands of images of the AAG male models from throughout the years and recent productions.  Members get fresh weekly updated content, spread across AAG and its sub-brands (including Masculine and Red Hot). There are also several LIVE video broadcasts per month where you can interact and chat live with the guys during these sessions.

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Zack A.

Jordon F.

Zack B.

Markus W

Alex P


Aidan G.


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Can’t get enough of our sexy fit guys online? Get them in print ! When you join the members area of AAG you’ll receive discounts on the purchase of AAG’s physical print magazines and coffee table books. Now that’s an incentive!


Latest Site Updates

Check out the latest updates to the website’s membership section below.

More of Alex S. and Jacob G. Plus Patrick L.

More of Alex S. and Jacob G. Plus Patrick L.

More behind the scenes footage from shoots with these young hunks: Alex S, Jacob G and Patrick L. This video starts off with the newest face of the group, Jacob horsing around outside. He takes you to a local park to catch some fall vibes and to check out his...

Fitness Newbies. Who Do You Like ?

Fitness Newbies. Who Do You Like ?

Fitness newcomers Jadsen, Alex H. and Dalton Z. are new on the scene. Could you see any of these guys in a pin-up calendar or underwear campaign? This is their first time on camera and start to warm up to it quick. They show off their physiques, flex their muscles and...

Fitness Hunks Alex S. and Jacob G.

Fitness Hunks Alex S. and Jacob G.

Super hot Alex S. behind the scenes of his photo shoot. Plus new fitness prospect Jacob G. This video starts off with AAG's newest face Jacob, he strips down into his is black briefs and does some push ups to get a quick pump in. He poses in the hotel room, flexing...

Daniel Craig Redux by Request

Daniel Craig Redux by Request

We’ve gotten requests to remaster some of the content from our classic popular models. Here’s Daniel Craig in photos. Check out more of this content in the Members Area.

Aidan R. Outdoors & Indoors Sexy Montage

Aidan R. Outdoors & Indoors Sexy Montage

Relative newcomer Aidan gets wet and also shows off the tight physique in the studio. This man has one tight body with some big pecs. He takes you to the beach showcase his physique in a speedo. He splashes some water around and walks the bayside on hot sunny day. As...

Pau, Heats Up the Sand & Surf

Pau, Heats Up the Sand & Surf

AAG International hottie Pau, knows how to seduce while playing in the sand on the beach. He can't get enough of the warm Florida waters and the gorgeous sunsets. He puts his speedos on and goes for a swim, splashing around all seductively. He wants to skinny dip oh...

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