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Check out the latest updates to the website’s membership section below.

Sean Stahl, Ocean Breeze

Sean Stahl, Ocean Breeze

Beautiful sunset footage with the equally beautiful Sean Stahl. After swinging through the tree's in the jungle he finds himself at the beach in his white Calvins, ready to get wet and flex. He is handsome to the eye and has biceps that will leave you drooling. His...

Brent S., the Teaser

Brent S., the Teaser

Brent continues to charm us with his nude ways. The newcomer just keeps getting hotter! See him looking sexy in his white Calvins where he likes to tease. He will make you want to keep coming back for more when his briefs barely contain his monster. Check out more of...

Sean Stahl, in the Lush Forrest

Sean Stahl, in the Lush Forrest

Sporting the new long hair and looking like an adonis Tarzan. Super hot Sean Stahl. He looks better than ever when you throw him into the jungle. Watch him show off his ripped body as he climbs trees and flexes in lush greenery. He does all this in some white Calvin...

Sporty Hunk Brenden S. with Jordon D. cameo

Sporty Hunk Brenden S. with Jordon D. cameo

Brenden shows off his football skills and is joined by Jordon D. for a brief athletic warmup. They both have some fun under sun when they hit the football field to get a workout in and play some catch. Brenden shows off his athleticism running routes and making some...

Brent S. Hot Nude Behind the Scenes

Brent S. Hot Nude Behind the Scenes

This guy loves being outdoors in his birthday suit, as we’re sure you are happy to see it. Before he goes full nude he try's on his new Marcuse briefs and they look HOT on him! Once you see his ass in them yellow briefs it will drive you nuts. The sun was pounding on...

Beautiful Jordon D. with a cameo by Dylan

Beautiful Jordon D. with a cameo by Dylan

Check out the curves on this AAG favorite. Jordon goes for a swim in the morning sun and also sunset hours. This is some behind the scenes of the Marcuse shoot he recently did. He really does look good from all angles but we want to know which is your favorite? This...

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