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As a member of All American Guys you get access to over 6,000+ videos and thousands of images of the AAG male models from throughout the years and recent productions.  Members get fresh weekly updated content, spread across AAG and its sub-brands (including Masculine and Red Hot). There are also several LIVE video broadcasts per month where you can interact and chat live with the guys during these sessions.

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These are currently some of the most popular guys being featured within the AAG network (All American Guys, Masculine, Red Hot). Recognize any of them? Join to view their content.

Joe W.

Michael Scanlon

Peter Saffa


Nick Topel


Jack C.


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Can’t get enough of our sexy fit guys online? Get them in print ! When you join the members area of AAG you’ll receive discounts on the purchase of AAG’s physical print magazines and coffee table books. Now that’s an incentive!


Latest Site Updates

Check out the latest updates to the website’s membership section below.

Nate W. Looking Fierce & Getting Wet

Nate W. Looking Fierce & Getting Wet

Super hunk Nate W. struts the beach and poses for this sexy and glam production. He takes on the ocean side where you can see he's spectacular physique. He talks the talk and walks the walk looking seductive and stunning. He rocks the short shorts showing off his nice...

Nik D. New Gym Footage

Nik D. New Gym Footage

Nik D. is back bigger and thicker than ever. Check out the new gym video. It’s a muscle show! Photos and videos always look better after a good lift. Join along and you might get a juicy pump just watching him flex. Check out more of this content in the Members...

Super Hot January Montage

Super Hot January Montage

Super hot video montage featuring a bunch of the guys from some recent productions. There's not a whole to say about this one it is simply HOT. We recap a lot of the Puerto Rico trip and some other content shot from the past month. I know you all can't get enough of...

Newcomer Joey L.

Newcomer Joey L.

Introducing Joey L., a sexy Italian with shredded abs, baseball biceps and big hands. And you know what they say about big hands 😉.  He has the charisma and the charm. To go along with it he looks damn good in some white Calvin Klein briefs. He brings the...

Bentley, Ocean Breeze

Bentley, Ocean Breeze

The blonde adonis gets wet and cools off in the restless ocean waters. His bleach blonde hair makes him stick out of the crowd and he most definitely is an eye catcher. Speaking of his eyes they match sea. Don't get lost in them cause you could drown. Bentley has the...

Jordon, in the Fashion Jail

Jordon, in the Fashion Jail

Jordon caught feelings and now he is stuck in fashion jail. He still knows how to put on a good tease, even when he's behind bars. Everything is hotter when he's in his underwear and surrounded by red. With a physique like his and looks like that you may just want to...

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