Site Tour (AAG) features some of the hottest and sexiest male models in the USA. In addition to AAG, the website features content from its sister brands Masculine and Red Hot, within the Members section of the site.

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As a member of All American Guys you get access to over 6,000+ videos and thousands of images of the AAG male models from throughout the years and recent productions.  Members get fresh weekly updated content, spread across AAG and its sub-brands (including Masculine and Red Hot). There are also several LIVE video broadcasts per month where you can interact and chat live with the guys during these sessions.

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These are currently some of the most popular guys being featured within the AAG network (All American Guys, Masculine, Red Hot). Recognize any of them? Join to view their content.

Joe W.

Michael Scanlon

Peter Saffa


Nick Topel


Jack C.


America’s Sexiest Guys in Print

Can’t get enough of our sexy fit guys online? Get them in print ! When you join the members area of AAG you’ll receive discounts on the purchase of AAG’s physical print magazines and coffee table books. Now that’s an incentive!


Latest Site Updates

Check out the latest updates to the website’s membership section below.

Nik & Alex P. Sexy Duo

Nik & Alex P. Sexy Duo

Nik and Alex P. make a great team during photo shoots. You get to see them in various settings. Plus hot solo footage with Alex. This video starts out with this sexy duo in a back alley showing off their muscles. Thing quickly switch up and Alex brings you back to...

American Beefcake 3 is HERE!

American Beefcake 3 is HERE!

American Beefcake, Volume 3 is now FOR SALE! It features tasteful artistic nudes and erotic nudes of some of our hottest men over the years. In this edition of American Beefcake we have added classic guys like Ryan Daharsh, Jeremy M, Nick Gosling, Matt Stone, Justin...

Jake B. Shower Erotic Photo Set

Jake B. Shower Erotic Photo Set

Waking up in the morning and the first thing is a nice soothing shower for Jake B. Relive the moments from his steamy shower scene from his previous video. If you missed it make sure to go check it out, you most definitely won't regret it! Check out more of this...

Jake B. Sensual Shower Plus Beach Footage

Jake B. Sensual Shower Plus Beach Footage

Fans can’t seem to get enough of Jake B. So we’re delivering. This video is over 6 minutes long of steamy goodness! Take a shower with one of AAG's biggest stars. He can use an extra hand or two... Regardless watch him get squeaky clean for his upcoming shoot where he...

Absolute Hottest Sean B. Compilation

Absolute Hottest Sean B. Compilation

The very hottest and most sensual of Sean B. in one downloadable extra long video (over 11 minutes). Compilation request. It doesn't get much better than this. See him in his most raw, daring and sexy moments. He will leave you weak in your knees but that's just how...

Heatseeker Montage Redux

Heatseeker Montage Redux

Heatseeker redux featuring a montage of our hottest guys, for those who missed it. This is a blast from the past with a whole lotta ass! Thats not it though, there's some rock hard goodies to see. Also check out our new Heatseeker video skin. Plus we are in the...

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