Today’s featured model is the tatted and sexy Taylor D. He recently did a photo shoot where he sported his even leaner and more chiseled physique. And he even got down to his birthday suit. Check out Taylor in the Members Area.


Keeping Your Bones Strong

Bones are the foundation of your body, when you really think about it. They make up your skeletal system or body frame. So it’s important to keep these body structures strong and healthy. Here are some tips to build and keep strong bones. Exercise and do activities that will stimulate bone growth, such as running, jumping and playing sports. And then of course— eat the right foods for your bones. A diet consisting of calcium rich foods is essential (eggs, spinach, salmon, collard greens and dairy products like milk and yogurt). Make sure to eat plenty of these, and also take calcium supplements when needed and if recommended by your health practitioner. Taking care of your bones early in life will help stave off bone issues (like osteoporosis) later down the road.



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