We have some new content this week featuring the super muscular Brandon Yates.  We’re planning a future shoot with this AAG fave, but there’s plenty of him to see now inside the pages of AAG.  Join the MEMBERS section of All American Guys to see more of the blonde hunk.


Pullovers for Big Chest

Ever wanted to expand your rib cage, to give your upper body that massive look? There’s this cool little exercise called the “Pullover” which is great for achieving this. Pullovers target the pecs, upper latissimus dorsi and serrates anterior muscles. The result is an impressive expanded looking chest. Consult with your personal trainer before doing this exercise since lifting too heavy when performing it can potentially aggravate any shoulder problems you may have. Rule of thumb– lift light to begin and work at your comfort level. This is an old-school exercise, but it achieves great results if done properly and safely.



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