The AAG veteran Quinn Biddle is one of the most popular fitness models in his class.  Discovered a few years back he continues to mesmerize fans with his amazing physique, fun loving personality and dreamy eyes.  See what he’s been up to lately. Join the MEMBERS section of All American Guys to see the buff and handsome Quinn.


Want to Build AAG style Muscles? Visit the Kitchen

Gyms don’t build muscles– good food does. Get it? The gym breaks down your muscles so they can grow at night when you sleep. However, muscles are built in the kitchen and with the food you put in your body. That being said, if you want to increase your muscle mass, then you must increase your caloric and protein intake. Your body especially needs the protein to repair and build those muscles after you’ve destroyed them in the gym. So get a good meal plan together that combines great protein intake alongside other solid nutrition that will optimize the muscle building process. Go get it!



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