Another photo of the moment featuring the accomplished Tyler Gattuso. He was featured on AAG to rave reviews, prior to getting showcased on MTV and on runways across America. Talk about crossing over in a big way! Join the MEMBERS section of All American Guys to see more of Tyler..


Skip The Nitrate!

Health Tip: There’s this thing called preservatives. We find it in many processed foods we eat everyday. The best thing for clean eating is to avoid overly processed foods, especially meat products. But if there’s one preservative to avoid, that one is nitrates. You’ll find it in lots of meat products, ranging from hot dogs, salamis, sliced turkey breast, etc. Why is this one such a no-no? Well, it’s been proven to have links to colon cancer, among other things. So if you’re going to eat processed meats, look for the brands that advertise “no-nitrates”. You’ll be doing your body good.



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