Joey M. is a relative newcomer to AAG.  He’s a cool, confident fitness guy who enjoys showing off the fruits of his labor. He’s also a competitive fitness model and has been gaining popularity over the last year or so.  Here we have Joey showing off his incredibly chiseled physique. What’s sexier here? Joey or the car? Join the MEMBERS section of All American Guys to see more of Joey M.


Eat for a Reason!

Well, let’s be more clear on that one. Eat for a good reason. If you’re looking to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, your food choices should be at the top of the list of priorities in terms of importance to your health. And you should always reach for the most nutritious items to put in your body, and in a purposeful way. For example, eat foods that will help fuel your gym workouts or assist your immune system, or loose body fat, etc. Ever heard the saying, you are what you eat? It’s kinda true. So eat for a good reason or purpose, but that specific purpose is one for you to figure out.



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