Michael is one of those guys who never misses a day at the gym.  His consistent and methodical workouts have helped him achieve a near perfect physique.  Why is this guy not a superstar on the competitive fitness stage yet? That might change soon.  Keep a watch out for the handsome Floridian.  And join the MEMBERS section of AAG for more of this super fit stud.


Don’t Skip Too Many Workout Days

Health & Fitness Tip: Do the best you can to keep your body always active throughout the week. Whether you’re running, cross training, weight lifting or doing calisthenics– make sure to never skip more than two (or 3 days tops) of training. Try to get in at least 3 days a week working out your body, because if you start skipping too many days you risk loosing motivation.  That’s the last thing you want to do as it can become a vicious cycle of laziness which can ultimately lead to poor physical health. The one exception to taking more than 3 days off is if you’re sick and need to rest your body.  Always give your body time to normalize itself after an illness or bad injury.



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