Have you noticed how a man with natural body hair intact can be a real turn on to their partners? It’s becoming more chic these days for guys to sport the “hairy bod”, letting their fur cover their muscles and not having a care in the world.  Like this guy below, Sammy.  He’s one of the few AAG models who sports a hairy body, but we’re hoping to change that up and feature more guys with the “au naturel” muscular physique.  Join the MEMBERS section of AAG for more of the sexy beast, Sammy.


Oh My Back! Don’t Get Injured Like This

Health Tip: We all have back pain every now and then, but did you know that most back injuries are preventable from just doing a few simple, common sense things? Here are a few suggestion for keeping your back in line. First, always practice using good posture. This will prevent you from injuring your spinal discs. Using a good ergonomic chair when at work or walking straight up with your head held high (not arching your back) are ways to maintain good posture. Also, when sitting, avoid hunching over.

Another way to prevent back injuries— don’t reach over without bending your knees when you go to pick up an object. Instead, use proper lifting techniques. Also, avoid lifting very heavy objects since this can put a strain on your back, leading to an injury. Research good lifting techniques for your back and also make sure to get proper rest and sleep, as a lack of these can worsen a back bad.



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