Today’s featured model is the super buff Tyson Dayley.  He’s a multitalented fitness star, serving as a brand ambassador to a few clothing lines, competing in fitness shows and providing motivation and personal training to clients worldwide. Did we mention he’s also a popular model at AAG? Join the MEMBERS section of AAG for more of sexy Tyson..


Go Slow, Don’t Rush it

Fitness Tip: Ever see those guys at the gym, pumping iron like the Energizer bunny rabbit? Flinging weights around at super sonic speed? Please don’t be one of those idiots. When lifting, always go at a slow to moderate pace. By doing this, you increase the amount of time your muscles are tense, allowing for increased blood flow and minimizing your chance of injuries from rushing your sets. You’re also going to significantly improve your exercise form by not going too fast. So take your time when developing your muscles in the gym. Faster is not always best.



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