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Healthiest Way to Get Your Zzzzs!

As we mentioned before, getting plenty of sleep is important for the body. But then there’s the question– what happens when I need to sleep but can’t seem to fall asleep? There might be many factors or reasons for this, however, here’s what we recommend for getting your proper nighttime rest.  Some of these are just basic common sense things to know.  For starters, don’t drink caffeinated products too close to bedtime.  It’s just going to make it that much harder to get you in sleep mode. Also, avoid exercising too close to bedtime.  Allow your body enough time to power down the muscles and relax. And when it’s finally time to hit the hay, make sure you sleep in a very comfortable bed with nice comfortable pillows– and preferably in a dark room that’s going to keep any light out.  With respect to the last point, your body may be sensitive to light and this can prevent you from fully falling asleep.

If you feel you’re in need of sleep aids to fall asleep, try to go the natural route.  Valerian extract in the form of capsules is a good choice.  You can also try natural melatonin. Both of these can be found in a health food store or pharmacy.  Another great idea for aiding with your sleep– drink a hot cup of chamomile tea.  It’s another natural way to get the sand man to come.



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