Joey S. is one of the most chiseled and perfectly formed bodybuilders featured on AAG.  But his physique is no accident, this guy takes pride in his workouts and pumps iron on the regular to attaint such beautifully sculpted mass alongside great definition.  Joey almost qualifies as super-hero material for the Marvel and DC franchises. What do you think?  See more of the hunky mid-westerner in the Members area of AAG.


Let’s Talk About Glutes

Many of you guys and gals take for granted working out your legs and lower body.  Shame on you! Did you not know lower body exercises are the key to building amazing butts? Not to mention, working out your legs increases your testosterone and helps your overall body gains (if you’re into muscle building).

Yes, the key to nicer, firmer glutes is working out your legs, particularly focusing on certain exercises and movements that help define your rear.  We recommend walking lunges, deadlifts, diagonal squats, kettlebell swings and leg presses. If you’re a beginner or even novice at working out, please consider getting a certified personal trainer to assist you in learning the proper forms for doing exercises– you certainly don’t want to injure yourself working towards a perfect booty.



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