Check out this classic sexy Heatseeker promotional video from AAG’s “After Hours” project. Heatseeker videos (and images) are designed to be edgy, sexy and provocative all at the same time. The production is usually glossy and eye-catching. See if you agree? Check out the scorching video below and for more Heatseekers, JOIN All American Guys with over 5000+ videos (many like the ones below).


Health Tip: Don’t Eat Right Before You Sleep

Yes, that’s a really good piece of advice. We know it’s hard for many of you out there who keep tight schedules, or eat several meals a day. But look, research has shown that eating right before bedtime creates all sorts of digestive problems (acid reflux mainly), and gastro-intestinal issues. It is recommended you eat your last meal of the day about 3 hours before bed time. It’s just common sense stuff guys/gals. Be smart about your bedtime health… and avoid having to take anti-acids and purple pills to cure your symptons the next day.



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