If you want to live a long and healthy life, exercise needs to be a normal part of your routine. Of course, some people take exercise beyond what is necessary to maintain good health, looking for physical gains that can help ensure they not just perform at their best, but also look their best. While there is certainly something to admire about this, it is important that you consider your reasons before you plan out your approach.

Body building is a sport that requires quite a bit of effort and a great amount of focus and mental fortitude. Building your muscles takes time and dedication and this effort is certainly worth the time if you know what you are after. Of course, if it is attracting women that you want, body building may not actually be the best way to get it. Putting aside exceptions to the rule, how much muscle does a woman generally want her man to have?


Getting Into Bodybuilder Shape

When it comes to body building, there is really only one goal that you have in mind: building muscle mass. Though there is no one way to accomplish this, men at the gym typically are after this one objective and according to the sources they view, getting women is a side effect of this. According to an article by Men’s Health, women are definitely interested in the muscular man, looking at increased muscle mass as a definitive sexy feature.

While it is certainly impressive to build your body up and increase your muscle mass in this fashion, the real question at hand is how much muscle a woman really wants. Rather than consult magazines and publications oriented towards men, you might instead want to look towards those that have a much larger female audience. This way, you can get a picture of what she really thinks.

Are You Better Off Lean?

Of the different magazines out there, one you might want to consult is Glamour, which regularly publishes a top 100 sexiest man list. While this list is filled with toned and muscular celebrities, the reality is that most of them are not in body builder shape. In fact, very few have the muscle mass that you would see at professional competitions. Some are downright skinny and others are average at best, which really puts a wrench into the whole thing.

On the other hand, most of the men on these lists are actors and celebrity status of this magnitude definitely affects how women perceive them. After all, you are not a celebrity, so your muscles could be the factor that helps you stand out more than anything else. Keeping that in mind, it helps to turn to some poll results to get a better idea of what women really look for in their man.

What Do Women Say When Polled?

The Daily Mail UK actually compiled an impressive amount of poll data from women back in 2009 suggesting what they are after. In summary, muscles did play a role in the level of attraction, but it was certainly not the number one factor. Instead, height tended to be more important to them for both marriage and short-term dating. Furthermore, there were a great many other factors, like the man’s scent, his voice, and his facial features. When it did come down to muscles, it is important to realize that women prefer a muscular man, but explicitly do not want a man who might be considered muscle-bound.

Not Everyone Is the Same

In addition to this, you might also want to consider who you are trying to attract and for what purpose. A study done back in 2007 by the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) shows that, in general, women are more attracted to a muscular man, but by the same token too much muscle could be off-putting. More specifically, those looking for a one-night-stand or some other sort of short-term fling were more likely to appreciate a larger man. Alternatively, when looking to settle down with someone they usually look for a more balanced approach; someone who is fit, but not necessarily super muscular.

This popular YouTube video also gives a good perspective on how you might interpret the results:

Beyond these conclusions, it is important to remember that each female has her own view of what is attractive and what isn’t. If you want to find someone who loves spending time at the gym with you, you might be better off with that body builder style muscle mass. On the other hand, a woman who prefers running or swimming rather than the gym might favor a guy who is leaner and less bulky. Ultimately, it can be a matter of preference.

Should You Change Your Workout Strategy?

allamericanguys-malefitnessmodels-gymworkoutIf you are set on competing in the world of body building, there is no reason for you to make the change. The idea of getting with women might be appealing, but the overwhelming majority of evidence suggests that women are really willing to work with men of all shapes and sizes. When you have that bulky, muscular physique, you might find that you are more likely to attract short-term relationships, which might be what you are after. Of course, when you want a long-term partnership, it is important to consider the various other factors. Remember the advice from above and offer more than just your muscles. This way, you can maintain your body building career while also growing a meaningful relationship.

On the other hand, if you are just looking for a relationship now and have little interest in competing, you might consider focusing on your shape rather than your size. Build muscle and get toned rather than work on hitting new mass goals. This way, you can stay fit and give yourself the best chances with women at the same time.


What have you found works best in your own life? Do you find that as you got larger muscles women responded better to you? Women, what do you find attractive, and for what purpose? Share your thoughts below!


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