Predicted to be one of the hottest movies of 2016, Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice has captured the attention of both longtime fans and newcomers to the DC Universe. In its first trailer released early in 2015, fans were pulled in as Superman was being called out for the destruction that took place in his 2013 Man of Steel movie. It focused on the super-powered hero who represents goodness and purity.

This initial trailer garnered no shortage of attention from the online community, but with the primary focus resting on Supes there was still something to be desired. Fortunately, the first trailer is never the last and their second was released later in 2015 to reveal a bit more of Bats role in the film. In case you missed it, here is that one as well.

Now things are really starting to get exciting with this newer trailer. People get an idea of just how intense the battle between Supes and Bats is while also getting to see Wonder Woman leap into action. Oh, and don’t forget that new villain who shows up. That just happens to be Doomsday, whom comic book fans will recognize as the villain that was introduced years ago in the Death of Superman comic arc. How he will be handled on screen is yet to be fully realized, but it is sure to add a nice element to the film.

An Exciting Leap Forward

While many hardcore comic book fans might look for things in the movie to nitpick at and initial trailer views have generated mixed reactions, the overwhelming response to the new presentation and current take on the heroes is positive. Perhaps most notably, those who were upset about Ben Affleck playing Batman seem to have lost their thunder, his skills as an actor really showing through and making the case that he will do the role justice.

This also shows some promising developments in the new Superman character who was reintroduced in 2013. It seems like his character will really have some struggles to overcome in this film, including indications that his purity and just comic book personality may be a little less pure than people are used to. With people today searching for more relatable heroes, this offers something that the average person can really latch on to. After all, not many people can identify with having practical immortality and limitless strength; they can relate to personal struggles just fine though.

Superman or Batman: Who is Sexiest?

Of course, this wouldn’t be a proper evaluation of the movie without also looking at Superman and Batman and focusing on what really makes them interesting: they are men. More specifically, they are both attractive men, with their own special allure for those who look for it. Although, while they both might have their charms, one is undoubtedly sexier than the other. So, who is it?

On one hand, you have Superman, an alien without any real limits. Regardless of his struggles, he is a symbol of truth and light, offering hope and comfort to those who need it. He exudes youthful strength and has a body that shows he spends time at the gym. Well, Henry Cavill does anyways –Supes really has no need to exercise as a god-like alien being. Ultimately, his biggest allure is that almost unreachable status, a pillar of what any man might strive to be.

Alternatively, you have Batman, a hero who has no real superpowers but his deductive reasoning and supreme intellect. Played by Ben Affleck, he is presented as being older than his typical movie appearances, but this age brings a certain allure of his own. The older and more refined confidence goes into a dark and somewhat troubled character, offering viewers a more refined take on that bad boy image. In essence, he is attractive because he is imperfect.

Because of their vastly different personalities and relatively different physical appearances, it might be difficult to really state one is objectively sexier than the other. Despite this, Henry Cavill has that youth and strength and a body that really exemplifies what most would consider sexy. For this reason, Supes probably takes the title for sexiest.

Don’t feel too bad, Batman fans, though, because by the same reasoning the older hero could likely be called the more handsome of the two. It’s important to remember that there is a difference between the two.

A New Kind of DC Movie

Following the success of Marvel with its Avengers movies, DC finally seems like it is getting its act together and working towards an organized Justice League film. Naturally, two of the most important characters in such a film are Batman and Superman, who act as leaders of the motley crew of superheroes. When you add in the fact that Wonder Woman will be playing her own part in the film, you really have a great start to the film franchise and open up all kinds of doors.

Other Exciting Implications

In addition to the two main heroes, it appears that Aquaman will also be making an appearance. Since his solo movie isn’t due to be released until 2018, this might be a great way to give viewers a taste of what they can expect. According to some other rumors, the television Flash might also tie in directly with the movie universe, giving viewers a film that is packed to the brim with all their favorite DC heroes.

While this might be exciting for some, others might question if they are going a bit overboard with the cast. After all, it is Superman vs. Batman, not The Justice League. Fortunately, all indications in the trailer suggest that the focus will stay in the right place, so it would be a mistake to assume that these characters will really have much of an effect on the outcome of the movie.

Who do you think is sexier, Supes or Bats? Are you excited for this movie release as well or do you think it is going to end up being a disappointment?

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