Derek P. hails from the Midwest and is currently studying exercise science in college. He got into fitness while in 8th grade, training for sports and has developed a lifelong passion for lifting weights ever since. He enjoys seeing the results he gets from training his physique and wants to capitalize on all his hard work in the gym.

His first experience modeling was when he shot for his school calendar. From there it was getting behind the lens with Michael Downs for AAG.

One of his favorite hobbies aside from lifting weights is cooking. At an early age his dad’s best friend (who is a chef) got him into the culinary arts. He now applies his cooking skills to making fit and delicious meals that complement his rigorous gym lifestyle.  Derek will soon be part of the upcoming “Fit & Sexy” feature on AAG where you’ll really get to see him put his skills to work.

For his AAG shoots Derek has not been shy one bit about showing off his impressive physique. Join the Members section to see him at his physical best and sexiest. Also be sure to check out his recent cover for British author Jane Harvey-Berrick’s latest romance novel “Semper Fi”.

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