It’s been an amazing year for Quinn Biddle. In less than eight months, he’s rocketed from relative obscurity as a 22-year-old college athlete from the Midwest to being one of AAG’s most popular and recognizable models. First scouted at the Arnold Classic last April by Michael Anthony Downs, Quinn has worked with several other top photographers in the field. “I was just there with my buddies to check it out,” Quinn says of his timely presence at the Arnold. “I was in pretty good shape, I’d been an athlete all my life. I had a friend who was a fashion model, but I never really thought about it for myself.”

Quinn was aware of guys like Steve Cook and Craig Capurso. He’d Skyped with the latter and used his 30 Days Out program to get in shape. But it never occurred to him to pursue fitness modeling on his own. But all that changed when Michael Downs approached him and suggested they set up a shoot. What had impressed Downs was Quinn’s striking good looks and piercing light blue eyes. He was a stand-out in any crowd.

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After a strict diet and intense cardio training, Quinn arrived in Florida for his first shoot in super shape. “I was down to 182 lbs.” Was he nervous about being in front of the camera? “Not really. I wasn’t too worried. I’d been told before that I was photogenic. So it wasn’t a big deal to actually do it.” Nevertheless the results surprised him. “I was stoked when I saw the photographs. They were awesome. I didn’t know what to expect. I’d never done a professional shoot before.” Back home people were equally impressed. “I come from a really small town in Indiana. It was funny because people began to act like I was a celebrity. Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to be famous. Not to brag, but in high school and college I was pretty popular. I was used to it.” Playing football helped, but Quinn also stood out as a student, winning academic honors in high school and attending Wabash College where he majored in English and Creative Writing.


It didn’t take long for other offers to come in. Quinn traveled to Las Vegas and shot with Furious Fotog and Eric Wainwright. He also worked with Michael Stokes in L.A., then John Hough and “King of Covers” James Ellis. In September, Quinn was approached by the producers of the Steve Harvey Show on television. He landed a spot in a dating episode. The reaction to his appearance was extremely positive.

In the fall, Quinn decided to relocate to Florida. “There aren’t that many modeling opportunities in Indiana,” he says. “But it was a big jump.” He discussed the move with his Mom and headed down soon after a cousin’s wedding. “The first few weeks were not easy. I didn’t know anybody down here and was not making much money. I didn’t have any family to rely on,” he says. “But then I landed a second job, met some fun people and things began to change for the better.”

A recent highlight for Quinn was his trip to Miami to work with Jorge Freire and Abel Cruz of Photo Studio Miami. “That was probably the most fun I’ve had yet on a photo shoot. They are super fun guys and their studio is pretty sweet.” One of the shots they did landed on the cover of Miami-based Wire Magazine. It was Quinn’s first cover but certainly not his last. He and Photo Studio Miami already have plans for more. While in Miami, Quinn also shot with legendary photographer David Vance. The results were spectacular and were featured on a prominent blog. He’s also been to Atlanta a couple of times to work with photographer Jeff Horner. On his last shoot he collaborated with fellow AAG model Tanner Chidester.


For Quinn, becoming a model has been a learning experience on many levels. “I’ve opened up a lot since I first started,” he says. “When I first began, I was super covered up. I didn’t want to do speedos, or underwear shots. But I realized that if you want to get noticed in this business you have to do some of that work, be edgy. But lately I’ve pulled back on the sexy stuff. It’s not ultimately what I want to be known for.”

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Book covers have proven to be a good outlet for Quinn. Author M.J. Fields has used Quinn’s images, shot by Michael Downs, for a series. Other book covers with well-known photographers are in the works. “They can be profitable and are a good marketing tool,” Quinn says.” So too Facebook and Instagram where Quinn has a rapidly growing following. “Social media is like having a giant billboard without having to pay for the space,” he says. But it can have its downsides too. “You have to filter out the creepy people or mark some of the more provocative messages as spam.” The plus side is making a difference in people’s lives. “What I like are the people who contact me and tell me how much the motivational posts I’ve done have been helpful to them, that they really needed to hear that message today. I always try to keep it classy.”


What’s next on the horizon? Besides some book cover projects and several upcoming¬†paid shoots, Quinn is busy training for a bodybuilding show in February. He’ll compete in the new Classic Physique division. “I hope to place high, be a national qualifier, try and get my pro card. That should provide more visibility to sponsors and other sources of revenue.”

Being a fitness model is never easy. Aside from the training and dieting, and frequent traveling, one has to deal with the constant attention and demands. Even though he is still relatively new to the business, Quinn seems to be taking it all in stride. His head hasn’t blown up too much yet. “I”m a naturally humble person,” he says. “It might have to do with where I’m from and how I was raised. I’m just a normal guy like everyone else.”

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