If there were an award for being Mr. Personality in the fitness field, J.R. Wallace would be a shoe-in for the title. Standing at 5’10” with devilishly handsome looks and a dynamite bod, this Texas hunk charms everyone he meets. You can’t help but be swept up by his magnetic energy and gung-ho spirit. Whether competing in shows or posing for fitness shoots, J.R. always brings his A-game. His inspirations over the years have been his buddies Cole Miller and Bobby Momenteller (one of AAG’s most popular models) and bodybuilder Simeon Panda. Calling himself xDarkMusclesx on Instagram, J.R. is becoming as well known as his former idols. Recently J.R. was featured in Masculine Magazine, in a layout by none other than Michael Anthony Downs, but the good news is that J.R. is soon to be making his long-awaited debut on All American Guys.

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Gracing covers of various magazines, including France’s Mensuel, or sporting James Tudor underwear for a fashion spread J.R. is ridiculously photogenic. In just a few short years, he has developed a wide fanbase and reputation as a fun-loving, easy-going guy that photographers like Furious Fotog and Jorge Freire repeatedly turn to. Recently J.R. has become affiliated with Swole Squad Apparel, fashions for the physically fit. There isn’t anything this guy can’t do.

They say that everything in Texas is big, and J.R.’s monster physique certainly proves that point. But he’s also got a big heart to match that sick-ass bod and larger-than-life personality. Check out his scorchingly hot body of work with the Michael Downs and see for yourself Who Shot J.R.!

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