allamericanguys-arubaAs All American Guys launches its latest and most innovative redesign, it pays to look back at its unique evolution over the years. Since debuting in February 1999, as the first of its kind website featuring images of male beauty and fitness models, AAG has grown to be one of the industry leaders and one of its most influential. AAG has survived  because it has a very basic and simple formula: to bring its customers the hottest male fitness models from coast to coast who reflect that classic, always-inspiring, All-American allure.

“AAG was strictly a hobby for me,” says founder and chief photographer Michael Anthony Downs. “We did not set out to be the number one this or end-all-be-all that. I just saw All American Guys as a way for me to feature the photographs I took of my college friends on the internet. It was an outlet for me to express myself creatively.” But almost immediately, without any hype or fanfare, AAG hit a nerve with web audiences and captured a wide audience. It didn’t take long for the site to gain traction and industry recognition. As the numbers of viewers rose and expanded internationally, the media came a calling, inviting AAG models to be on TV talk shows, or co-hosting fashion events in idyllic places like the Caribbean and Dubai. “AAG just basically blew-up overnight,” Downs says. “We just ran with it.”


Part of what made All American Guys so popular was the never-ending stable of incredibly sexy models the team had successfully scouted. Some of the early models, such as Justin H, Tyler Garceau, Ryan Daharsh and Zach Vasquez became extremely popular, winning over fans who clamored to see more of them. In time other AAG discoveries became internet sensations too: models such as Josh Ohl, Myles Hannaman, Brock Yurich and everyone’s favorite country boy Gary Taylor. Handsome talent such as Tyler Lough, Andrew Aponick, Bryan Thomas, Shawn Russell, Zach Derr, Craig Malozzi, Jeff Grant, Markus Ricci, Kevin Ford, Matt Stone, Ivan Rusilko, Jon Micklow and Tyler Gattuso have maintained impressive modeling careers. Bodybuilders such as Shane Giese, Lind Walter, Mark Alvisi, and Santi Aragon made their mark at AAG too. Others excelled in different careers, as wrestlers, actors, athletes, and DJs. A core group of models have become regulars at AAG, like a family of favorites: Justin Zabinski, Tory P., Anthony C., Joey K., Adam Ayash, Bobby M., Anthony M., and sexy Nick C. Some like Colin Wayne, Phil Fusco and Todd Sanfield have substantial fanbases as magazine and book cover models and even designers. Among the new crop of talent, Quinn Biddle, Justin DeRoy, Tanner Chidester, Derrick Meacham, Josh Banks, Brendon D., Tyson Dayley, Parker Ramsay, Joey Sullivan and Nolan Ritter are showing potent staying power and drawing hordes of new fans.


While All American Guys has pushed the envelope lately with stylish artistic nudes and compelling edgy content, it has not lost sight of its initial vision — to highlight the best and the brightest in the fitness field in the most flattering way possible. AAG celebrates male beauty and fitness in a unique way and perhaps that is why it has stood the test of time.

If you haven’t joined All American Guys yet, now is the perfect time. AAG is expanding in exciting new directions. It will be offering more than just galleries of photographs and cutting-edge videos. AAG will also feature a public area where articles on health, beauty, fitness, pop culture and media will complement the array of exclusive photoshoots of up-and-coming male models. AAG is currently developing a talk show. Add into the mix a new merchandise wing with calendars, shirts and accessories, and a publishing arm offering coffee-table style photo books, not to mention a quarterly magazine, and you have a sizzling blend of red hot media serving up the sexiest blend of beefcake that America has to offer.


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