Stunning and über sexy Zoten is a personal trainer and aspiring model from Washington. He is on a journey towards aesthetics and he is doing it naturally. His passion for fitness started when he saw a video of legendary Zyzz, which inspired him to start lifting and become the best he could be. After three years of dedication, he has become an amazingly fit guy. Sporting a lean muscular physique with nicely cut abs and strong legs, Zoten is totally at ease showing off his hard work in front of the camera.

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His beautiful dark looks match his stunning physical attributes – he is 6’ tall, has a 43” chest and 16” guns – and to top it all, he has sex-appeal in abundance. Zoten’s personality shines through and his newly-found self-confidence comes across beautifully. He loves having fun, enjoys going to festivals and raving all year round.

Zoten is not just a pretty face, he is dedicated to his studies and his aim is to obtain a degree in biochemistry. He enjoys modeling but he is not interested in becoming a top fitness model; he is doing this for the fun of it. In the meantime, he gives great promise at AAG and we are certain that he will charm and thrill in equal measures.

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