Autumn, with its falling temperatures, is fully upon us, but here at All American Guys, things are still heating up! One model who consistently warms things up is stunning Joey B., a sponsored athlete, natural bodybuilder, coach and personal trainer. Joey will inspire and delight you in equal measures.

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Hailing from Canada, this 22-year-old hunk has the perfect physique and the dark handsome looks to brighten up the winters; with amazing abdominals and pectorals, his masculine attributes are obvious and the awesomeness of his guns is only matched by that of his legs. Size does matter here.

Already scoring high among AAG members, Joey is sure to become one of your favorites! A natural in front of the camera, Joey knows how to ‘do sexy’ and he doesn’t shy away from showing off the stunning results of his hard work and dedication in the gym; and the photography of Michael Downs really highlights this and enhances Joey’s qualities in a spectacular way.

So come inside, warm up and see more of magnificent Joey. Just let him blow you away with his amazing photos and videos! There is definitely something in the water in Canada … Joey isn’t the first Canadian hunk to grace our site; stunning Marc-Andre, Justin DeRoy and Patrick L come to mind.

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