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Soon to be joining AAG, sexy 21-year-old Jared Thompson is a sponsored athlete and personal trainer, and an up-and-coming fitness model. He comes to us from Mississippi. Jared is an IFBB Men’s physique athlete and NPC competitor with a perfect muscular build, sporting incredible abs and shoulders, 17” guns, a 44” chest and incredible solid legs. His darkly handsome, rugged features and blue eyes complete his head-turning look – Jared is on track to becoming a leading fitness competitor on top of his game.

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Jared loves football and video games; he considers himself a nerd when it comes to his Xbox. He says that he wants to be more than just an everyday fitness model who posts pictures, but he wants to inspire everybody to reach their full potential and fitness goals. His total dedication to training and healthy living is inspiring and so are his achievements.

Jared is doing all he can to further pursue his fitness dreams and his arrival at AAG will no doubt cause a stir. His awesome attitude and sexiness will get his rating to go through the roof. He will have competition within the AAG stable of hunky sexy models but he will certainly hold his own. These first few published shots by Michael Downs already show great promise of amazing work to come.

jared allamericanguys.com

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