Stunning Masculine sensation Sean Bieschke hails from Baltimore, Maryland and has been much in demand as a model since he made his first appearance as a guest model on AAG.

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The first things that strike you when you look at Sean are his mesmerizing blue eyes – plus his handsome sexy face – the cherry on top of the cake. How can such a young guy achieve such an incredible physique? Great genes, of course, but total dedication to training and healthy living.

Sean has the whole package to be able to do both fitness and fashion modelling but his work with Mike Downs is focusing on the former – a great tattoo-free muscular body with strong shoulders and guns, a 42” chest, nicely outlined abs and sexy obliques – all this with a height of 5’9” and weighing 178lbs.

Showcased in the new Masculine Magazine section within AAG, Sean is going to be a great addition to the site and his baby face and boy-next-door gorgeous looks, combined to his stunning physique, will put him straight at the top of the membership’s favorite models.

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