One of our most requested new AAG models is Chad Page. This young athlete and aspiring fitness model from Florida is only 21 and has already achieved a remarkable physique. He joined us last year in the spring and has since become highly popular, scoring high with the membership.

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Nicknamed Goku by his friends – same hair as the cartoon character, awesome physique and eye-catching looks – Chad has a big muscular frame, towering at 6’1” and weighing 182 lbs, mesmerizing green eyes and one of the sexiest smiles around. It’s a winning combo in our book. A very sportive guy, Chad has been playing hockey since he was just a kid.

The first thing which hits you, besides how hot he is, is his warmth and friendliness. Chad is a natural in front of the camera, with bucketloads of confidence. He is a cheeky guy with just a touch of cockiness, but not a whiff of arrogance about him. In short, this stud has the goods to back up his attitude.

Chad oozes sex appeal and his infectious smile is unforced and totally natural. We are sure that besides being amazed by this up-and-coming model, you will be left smiling too after you see him.

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