Gorgeous and sexy Justin DeRoy is a young athlete and fast-rising fitness model from British Columbia, Canada. He is also a certified personal trainer and in the 18 months since joining All American Guys, he has built a strong following and rates high with the membership. His big build, 6’0” tall, weighing at around 190 lbs, combined with his stunning looks and contagious smile make him a favorite.

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At barely 21 years of age Justin has achieved an amazing physique. He started lifting weights at 16 because he wasn’t happy with his size and used to practise Mixed Martial Arts. Justin has also been playing baseball for over 15 years. He works out 5 days a week and keeps to a healthy life style with the odd cheat day, when a pizza or sushi special will do very nicely.

Justin is a very down-to-earth guy who obviously takes his training very seriously; dedication, hard work, goals setting and healthy living are an integral part of his success in achieving such a killer physique. Dozens of amazing photos by Mike Downs and behind-the-scenes videos in his AAG profile showcase his muscular physique and gorgeous looks.

Justin’s dream is to hopefully one day be a well-established fitness icon and a successful professional physique competitor.

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