Standing at 6’1”, fitness model and National NPC physique competitor Tyson Dayley brings Hollywood good looks and a fashion model’s sense of style to his posing routines. The blue-eyed brown-haired sexy 24-year-old first came to All American Guys after training in his home state of Utah. He boasts an impressive 45” chest, a tight 6-pack, plus powerful muscular legs. On top of all that he has a perfect winning smile.

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Tyson has already done many high profile shoots with the likes of Mark Jenkins and Rick Day. He has modeled for brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister. His shoots with Michael Anthony Downs have showcased Tyson’s fantastic build and his innate talent in front of the camera. An inspiration to many, Tyson works tirelessly to build the perfect physique and follows a healthy lifestyle.

Tyson is a disciplined guy. His fitness is a priority so he ensures that he is always active and very conscious of the food that he puts into his body. For Tyson, educating himself on the process of getting healthier and in better shape is also very important for long-term success. He loves modeling, but doesn’t take himself too seriously: he still loves being goofy and just enjoying himself.

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