Looking back at some of the most popular models joining All American Guys last year, Sean Smith certainly stands out. This Texan hunk was introduced to the modeling world by his younger brother, Shane, who joined AAG a couple of months before him.

At a height of 6’1” and currently weighing 225 lbs, Sean isn’t your usual fitness model; he is a bodybuilder turned fitness model, and his physique is a testimony to his hard work lifting weights and keeping to a healthy diet and living style. Did we mention Sean has some of the best glutes in the business?

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Totally dedicated to his training at the gym, Sean’s hard work is definitely paying off, be it the results in his amazing physique or a fitness modelling career taking off with a number of book covers and magazine spreads. Over the years, Sean has achieved a perfect physique with solid shoulders, an impressive 48” chest, big guns, abs of steel and powerful legs.

Besides hitting the gym, Sean is a keen sports fan but he also enjoys playing sports himself, especially football.

2015 has been a great year for Sean and judging by the way things are going, next year promises to be a cracking year for him too.

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