29-year-old fitness model Tory joined All American Guys six years ago and he is now making an amazing return with über sexy videos. Tory has it all, a magnificent muscular 100% all-natural physique, a handsome face, a friendly personality and tons of sex appeal! At 6’0” tall and weighing at around 195lbs, he brings his A-game to every shoot.

Tory comes from the state of Florida in the Tampa Bay area. He’s an ambitious, outgoing, funny and confident guy. We also love his healthy cheeky and cocky attitude … it’s totally part of his character but it never becomes arrogance. Under his hard exterior is a soft sweet centre. When he’s not at the gym working on his eight-pack, you can find him playing volleyball, bowling and spending time with friends.


He is a hard working guy and always remains focused on his goals to achieve them. He works out every day and is in excellent condition. He loves showing off his fit physique and is totally at ease in front of the camera. Tory says that he tends to wear very little clothing because he doesn’t like hiding his hard-earned muscles. Well, nobody’s complaining about this.


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