‘Beefy’ is the first word that comes to mind when you look at Dan. This hunky newcomer from sunny Florida fits in all the right boxes at All American Guys – a solid muscular physique, a great sexy face and a bit of attitude.  Just the way we like them. See more of Dan in the Members Area

Dan’s frame is large; he is a body builder, with well-developed shoulders, a powerful 48″ chest, hard abs and killer legs; he is your typical hunk. And his handsome slightly rugged face only adds to his great appeal. But his sweet smile softens his face a little and makes him so personable.

Dan only has to show you his huge guns in a double flex and you will be awed; his lats are enormous and his legs are simply incredible. Dan is the man and you’d better believe it!

He looks awesome in underwear and is one of the sexiest and hottest fitness guys around. His first shots with Mike Downs are stunning and you’ll soon realise that Dan has great potential not only in bodybuilding but in the fitness modelling world.

Dan will definitely fit in very well among the AAG hunks and will surely show everyone he mean business.

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