A brand new recruit at All American Guys, sexy Tanner is a young fitness model who just turned 23. He is from Houston, Texas, and has a magnificent physique. Taller than most fitness models, at 6’2”, with his manly angular face, square jaws and mesmerizing green eyes, Tanner is the epitome of the total hunk. He has large shoulders and powerful guns, a big chest, stunning flat abdominals and awesome lats for the upper body and a pair of solid muscular legs with amazing quads.

Seventh child in a family of nine — two of his brothers are also athletes — Tanner has been into sports since an early age; he used to play division 1 football and kept keeping fit through growing up. Besides his gym training and weight-lifting, this sexy Texan loves playing sports and watching movies. Tanner also loves everything social, going to concerts and partying with his friends. To see all of Tanner’s photos and videos, please JOIN All American Guys.

His dream is to become a fitness icon and one of the top models in the U.S. With such an amazing physique at his age, Tanner is well on his way to achieve his goals. Tanner has it all, as we say, besides his stunning physical attributes, he is a very friendly down-to-earth kind of guy and is an awesome addition to the AAG hunk stables.

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