24-year-old sexy Luke Layne has only been at All American Guys for a year but he has become one of the most popular models. Looking at him, it’s not very difficult to see why: a hard body with strong shoulders, a powerful chest, hard abs and solid legs. But his most admired body part is his awesome triceps.


Luke is from Virginia. His dedication to training and his healthy living style are the simple ingredients to achieving his awesome physique. He is very keen on sports and is always up for taking risks.

He has a great personality to match his gorgeous looks and is a fun guy to be around. In his own words: “I enjoy candle-lit chest workouts, long walks on the treadmill, poetry about deadlifting and cuddling up to some Arnold videos”.


But above all, it’s his sexiness and how he shows off his enviable assets in front of the camera, both in photography and videos, which make him so popular. Luke is a character and he is not afraid to put on a show and strut his stuff for his audience. Through dozens of sexy photos and videos – gym sessions and Heatseekers, Luke oozes raw sexiness and manliness.

You’d better come inside and see what it’s all about!

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