Apparently Canadian beef is very tasty … 24 year old hunk Marc-André, from Quebec, is definitely the living proof. He is yet another stunning athlete from Canada joining AAG as an honorary model.


Marc-André is a natural bodybuilder – he won 1st Place Bodybuilding Heavyweight Novice IDFA National Capital Classic this year – a fitness model and personal trainer.


He has a magnificent physique and his striking looks only add to his appeal. He has a large frame with magnificent shoulders and guns, a huge 8-pack starting high beneath his awesome chest, leading to a great V, which would be the envy of many athletes. And Marc-André has legs too; often forgotten in training at the gym by many models.


As a personal fitness trainer his mission is to promote natural bodybuilding and a healthy life style. He is also very keen in motivating people to achieve their goals.

Marc-André isn’t a novice in fitness modelling, having done shoots with the likes of Paul Henry Serres in Montreal and Eric Battershell in the USA. Judging by the first few shots published when he recently debuted, his work here at AAG with Michael Downs promises to be spectacular. Marc-André is a model to watch as he will no doubt take AAG and the fitness world by storm.

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