Welcome to AAG, Version 10.  You mean we’ve been thru versions 1 thru 9 already? Yep. We’ve been around that long. Before there was YouTube or Facebook, or even MySpace… there was AllAmericanGuys.com.  We’ve been thru a lot together since our beginnings in 1999, and we’ve survived lots of challenges as the Internet landscape has changed around us. But we’re still going strong and we’re planning to continue bringing you many more years of the hottest and sexiest athletic men in America.  In fact, we’re just getting warmed up.

All American Guys’ version 10 “Renaissance” will be rolled out in several stages over the course of a week.  The first stage of roll-out will involve presenting the new website skin colors, functionalities, and other bells and whistles.  This will occur on April 7-8, 2014.

The second stage of the roll out will feature the debut of a number of model newcomers to the site and the introduction of some new production partners.  Release week will feature a massive number of updates to the site.

The third stage of the roll out will involve the release of the new AAG live cam system which will be integrated into the website itself and will preclude the need to launch a separate browser window or visit a different website.

In terms of content, it is still “the king”.  Look for the return of the Heatseekers, some of the hottest new finds in recent memory and a return to the basics that made us a great website before.  And we’ll continue to revitalize the AAG project and move forward its current renaissance.

To view all the cool new functions and model releases this week, please visit the MEMBERS AREA. Or consider JOINING AAG.


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