How do you define a perfect guy? They have to be smart, handsome, physically fit and a gentleman. All these qualities is possessed by AAG male model, KC. He has all the credentials to impress you – Magna Cum Laude in undergrad, quarterback and captain of his college football team and a bona fide law student. Add to that, he’s immensely talented! He’s an SAG/AFTRA eligible actor and had been in a film with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway. And don’t forget, he has a banging body and a handsome face that could only be described as great!

KC’s fine qualities doesn’t stop there, because he’s also very hardworking and has an A+ personality. If we can award someone on AAG an all-around super distinction for having it all, KC is definitely getting that award.

See the videos and pictures we have of KC here.

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