Taylor is the type of guy who knows how to have fun and he proved it in one of his videos by literally streaking naked at a fence, a few feet away from a major Florida highway! Call it brave or eccentric, it’s up to you, but it sure is a bold way to express yourself. After saying “you’ll never see me streaked like that again,” he followed it up with another streaking naked episode at a nearby hill! Taylor’s sheer courage is unmatched!

But don’t let his laid-back and goofy attitude fool you, because Taylor is the type of guy who not only plays hard, but works hard. He’s a monster at the gym and was actually preparing for his first fitness competition when we worked with him. Not only that, he also booked a really cool gig with Undergear, where he appeared for their Spring/Summer 2012 Catalog last year.

So if you want to have some fun…make sure you check out our work with Taylor here…today!

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