“I love to walk around naked and have as little clothes as possible,” says Tory. Your initial impression of the 5’11” hunk with rock-hard eight-pack abs is that he’s cocky. But just talk to him for five minutes and you’ll realize that the guy has something many of us do not – sheer sincerity.

Ambitious, determined and focus, Tory knows what he wants and he values three very important things in life. He says that proper management of his money and health, and his sobriety is all essential to him. As someone who didn’t always look hot and used to be skinny, Tory applies tremendous discipline in his physique, working out two hours every weekday and spending weekend sessions doing circuit training.

He has began fitness modeling part-time and has already shot with some great photographers and has been to New York at least once to shoot for a magazine.

Our videos and images of Tory will allow you to get to know him more, giving you more than five minutes of great inspiration and motivation. See it all today by joining AAG.

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